Since the dodgy shares were purchased last October, Chelsea Pitch Owner shareholders worst fears were confirmed at yesterdays EGM.

The concerns were that all future voting from that day on, would be distorted.

This has now proved to be the case, firstly at the recent AGM and now at yesterdays EGM.

In essence, sadly CPO shareholders are no longer in control of any decisions that are now likely to be made in the future.

Once again Steve Frankham did not show that he was impartial and has no intentions of doing so. 2 of the 5 CPO board members could not even be bothered to turn up at such a crucial meeting, no doubt embarrassed by association, as opposed to being busy doing other things, as was stated.

CPO is now drifting towards being a total waste of time and many individuals stressed as much, after yesterdays distorted voting patterns were announced. Some suggesting that it should now be disbanded.

This is a sad day for a shareholders who have held their shares for almost 20 years, who have now lost this unique situation in British football, which has been thrown away by the incompetence of their own CPO board.

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