Sadly we have reached that stage of the season where domestic football has come to an end and Saturday afternoons once again consist of dreaming about watching football, pretending to enjoy taking your partner out shopping and playing football in the park imitating the great Juan Mata (no I’m not just talking about kids there!).

But let’s fear not, with a post-season tour around The States starting this week, the exciting ‘silly season’, consisting of myself phoning and digging around for the latest transfer gossip, and before we know it the pre-season friendlies will begin once again.

For now though, I have complied my own player performance reviews of the season, some you may agree, some you might think I’m being too harsh, others not harsh enough, but we all have our opinions and I am pleased to hear yours.

Petr Cech –
I had always been concerned about his confidence ever since his life-threatening head injury and naturally he has had some cagey moments. But this season I honestly feel like we have had our goalkeeper back once again, he seems to be back to his very best and has many top seasons left in him.

Cesar Azpilicueta –
Since joining from Marseille in the summer I have been really impressed with him in general, he needs to work on his crossing and distribution at times though but his pace is scary, he is solid at the back and contributes going forward. A top right back for many years to come.

Branislav Ivanovic –
Once again another solid and reliable season from him especially when played in his natural centre back role. Some more important goals and excellently timed tackles and blocks have helped us win vital points. Unfortunately he has also made a few costly errors but recovered well in the latter part of the season.

Gary Cahill –
Unfortunately he was injured for some of the season forcing him to lose his consistant routine, but as ever he provides a solid back bone to the team and is one of the best defenders in the world at making shot blocks, something that gets over looked at times. I’m certain he will be an important player for us for years to come, another John Terry.

John Terry –
Although he has been out of favour with Rafa Benitez and suffered with a couple of long term injuries this season, I still feel he is our most important player and still has the ability to captain our side to glory in the coming years. A solid enforcer and the best possible leader.

David Luiz –
My personal award for ‘most improved player’ this season. Luiz had struggled with his over-committing, shady temper and rash play until he was converted to centre midfield. Now, in this latter part of the season we have seen a different player, composed, intelligent, vision, scoring vital goals, skilful, decision making and timing. All things he struggled with before but has now nailed them. I am happy with him at centre back or centre midfield. A very important player for many years to come and a future captain for sure.

Ashley Cole –
I cannot praise Cole enough, as a player he is absolutely vital to the team. He is the perfect all-round full back and still the best left back in the world. He is passionate, experienced, determined, strong and quick and we really notice when he is not playing. Another solid season and I am happy we secured his contract.

Ryan Bertrand –
After reaching his dizzy heights of representing Great Britain in the summer Olympics, I feel Ryan has took some un-deserved criticism in a Chelsea shirt this season. Although suffering his un-balanced moments, in my opinion he is developing in to a great left back and certainly the one to take over from Cole when he leaves. He is a determined hard working player who has not endured enough first team game time to reach his best as yet, but it will come. He needs to finish developing as a full back before he can be experimented as a left winger as he was this season.

Frank Lampard –
The supporters favourite and deservedly so. Although Frank has showed us a few more signs of ageing this season and has steadily played his way through it, there is no denying that he has been just as vital for us this season than he has any other. Often he has yet again been the instigator in a come back, scorer of a vital goal or the captain to lead us to yet another European success. I’m happy he signed for another year, his role will decrease slightly now, but he’s still an important player for the squad in my opinion.

Ramires –
The Brazilian machine can often put in some inconsistent spells and did again this season, but at the same time when he is on his game he is simply the best at it, scoring some important goals, making some astonishing counter attack runs and of course being solid and the most energetic player around in midfield. Ramires is an important player for us but I feel if we capture another centre midfielder this season, his role may decrease slightly which would be unfortunate.

John Obi Mikel –
I have always been a true believer in Mikel’s work, I’ve always stuck by him and thought that he does an excellent unsung job, which let’s be honest he has and normally does. This was his make or break season in my opinion and once again in my opinion, I believe he has blown it. A lack of form and constant inconsistency this season saw him mainly warming the bench. Mikel is a great ball winner and a good calm safe passer, but unfortunately I don’t believe that he has that edge to be good enough for the starting line-up next season.

Nathan Ake –
The ‘Ruud Gullit’ looking youngster is a super hot prospect, and although we have not seen enough of him at senior level as yet, he is very composed, confident and great on the ball. I am sure we will see more of him next season.

Oscar –
Well what can you say about this young man? He settled in right away and although he has had a few edgy performances he has finished strong, in terms of his physical strength and his form. Starting light weight he has improved immensely with his strength on the ball. I feel he is being played out of position on the wing however, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him move more central to a deeper lying playmaker role next season. A huge and exciting prospect for us.

Juan Mata –
My (and everyone else’s no doubt) player of the season for sure. Mata has improved immensely this season, and that’s not saying he wasn’t excellent last season, it is merely stating just how good he has been this season for us. over 30 assists, that’s incredible. And he’s always popping up with important goals. Our most creative spark who has formed a frightening partnership with Eden Hazard that sparks fear in the heart of any defensive unit around the world. A top player who is still yet to peak, another scary thought.

Eden Hazard –
Surrounded by big expectations when he joined in the summer, Hazard got off to a flying start but quickly seemed to struggle. The most fouled player in the Premier League, luckily for us Hazard re-found his form and continued to take the league by storm grabbing 13 goals along the way. His pace with the ball at his feet is mesmerising, we have used counter attacks many times this season effectively, and that is purely down to this man bringing the ball away, he’s the best at it. Again, still a young player and still developing, I’m excited to see him progress even further next season.

Victor Moses –
Although he has produced some moments of magic and some diversity to our play, I really can’t see him being any more than just a squad player, which I’m certain he would not be happy to accept and rightly so. I just don’t see him being good enough for our squad next season I’m afraid.

Marko Marin –
Disappointing to say the least, but I still feel as always we are too quick to judge, he surely has not made enough starts to make our judgements this season? He was hyped as the German Lionel Messi before he joined and rated very highly be the experts, this can’t be for nothing, we must be missing something right? Another case of high expectations denting the confidence perhaps?

Fernando Torres –
Well, when you start the season and someone tells you that your main striker will get you over 20 goals in the season, you surely cannot ask for much more than that right? Torres is a very difficult case, the fans love to hate him but they equally love to love him. Let’s be honest he simply is not the player he once was even though he has got us plenty of important goals this season. He ended on a high, scoring the goal to send us through to the Champions League, I still feel we might see a revival and I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen at another club, especially in England. So I say we should keep Torres as a squad striker and rotate him as he has done this season with Demba Ba, after all we’re not going to recoup anywhere near the £50 million we paid for him now so we might as well get some more goals instead. Don’t write him off yet if you haven’t already done so.

Demba Ba –
Generally I have been disappointed with Ba, he has done the job he came in to do, provide us cover, give us another option and be a good finisher. Nobody can doubt he has made some fine finishes this season and scored some very important goals. But again, his distribution, his team play, I just don’t feel that he is good enough for the squad next season.

Well that wraps it up, I’ll leave you with the thought that it is seeming more and more likely by the day that we will be seeing the home coming for ‘The Special One’. I for one will be very happy if Jose Mourinho comes home, I feel with this squad and the few additions needed in the summer, Mourinho will once again turn Stamford Bridge in to a real fortress.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor @CFCneteditor








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