Hankook Tyres, a sponsor of the Europa League, and CFCnet have joined forces to offer 70 Blues fans free beers and burgers at the Famous Three Kings, North End Road, Kensington on the evening of 15th May.

The event, held in a roped-off section of the pub, is limited to the first seventy fans to send their names to [email protected]. The event is free and comes with vouchers for three beers and food on the night.

The catch? There are two catches:

  • Hankook Tyres want to film the reaction of the fans to events on the pitch – you know, the sort of YouTube and TV clips that everybody watched following our triumph in Munich. Therefore every fan will need to sign a disclaimer allowing them to be filmed for their reactions on the night.
  • Hankook Tyres have developed an LED top they want fans to wear. Therefore all fans attending the event will need to change into the blue tops when entering the screening. The tops are Chelsea 1st team kits with LED lights on them that flash when we score a goal. Apparently they are worth £450 each and every fan will get to keep them afterwards.

If you’re up for it, send an email to [email protected] asap.

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