Fans of both Chelsea and Arsenal have spoken out against UEFA’s decision to hold the Europa League final in Baku, Azerbaijan by handing back thousands of allocated tickets.
There was initial outrage that both clubs were only getting 12000 tickets in-total for the Europa League final, but it’s been revealed via talkSPORT that both clubs combined will be handing back in excess of 6000 unsold tickets.
Chelsea have handed back a reported 4000, while Arsenal have returned around 2300 tickets to UEFA – this in response to the logistical nightmare in taking fans from London to Baku with no-direct flights available.
The 68,700 capacity stadium in Baku could have a very unique atmosphere on Wednesday night with a limited number of British fans making the journey.
The journey to the final from London is around 2500 miles in-distance and could take anything up to four days in-travel using public transport, combined with astronomical costs to the fans, who are making it loud and clear to UEFA what they think of this Europa League final venue choice.
If you’re heading to Baku or have opted against the arduous travel schedule, let us know on the CFCnet Forum as we continue the build-up ahead of kick-off.

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