Well, as promised, it was dramatic, emotional and up and down, but then again we wouldn’t love this sport they call football if it did not have those feelings involved. As a Chelsea supporter of over 25 years, I have experienced many emotional roller coasters, even before we were famous!

With that said, last night I was still sat screaming at my television screen eager for Di Matteo to switch the tactics, make that right substitution, give that rally cry, but it was all in vain, he cannot hear me. But this is all part of being a supporter. As fans last night, we all suffered that typical up and down of football, all in the space of 90 minutes. We were ecstatic when Oscar scored his wonder goal to put us 2-0 up, but then we switch off at the back with mistakes from both Mikel and Terry, that’s when our moods drop and it then feels like we have all been cheated on by our wife’s and girlfriends. The worst feeling in the world, personally people won’t get a conversation out of me for at least 12 hours after we lose, or in this case, draw.

Last night, Chelsea looked good at times, but also looked poor. Far too many times this season we are seeing the same thing, instead of going on and finishing an opponent off, we defend too deep, play far too negatively and allow them to get back into the game. We are not being ‘cut-throat’ enough.

I like Di Matteo, but right now he is playing far too cautiously and negative. We are the European Champions, we are equipped with some of the best attacking players in the world, we need to express this and be an attacking force again. The tactics he is using invites pressure. When you are playing a good side like Juventus, you are always prone to forceful attacks, but if you defend deep like we often do against the top sides, you are always inviting the pressure and are at risk of losing a goal. Any mistake, a long range shot, a goal can easily come, as it did last night. We often ride our luck by defending like this and last night it backfired.

We should have took the game to Juventus, kept pressure on the ball, not allowing them to have possession. The majority of the game, we bossed the play, but then at 2-0 up, he made defensive changes and invited pressure. To give away a 2-0 lead at home, is not acceptable in my opinion. OK, so a point against Juventus is not a disaster and we’ll take it, but we had a chance last night to step up and finish them off with a third.

If you are going to see the game out like Di Matteo attempted to do, you must stay disciplined and switched on. Anyone could have made an error, unfortunately for Obi Mikel, it was him last night. We should have been sitting top of the Group with 3 points and a clean sheet, but ignorantly we are only left with one point. Once again, it was the wrong tactics and the wrong selection.

Obviously there were many positives, Oscar was immense, Hazard was dangerous, we looked good for the majority of the game and certainly edged the play many times. But we are now left with pure disappointment and it has taken away some of the pleasure of watching Oscar’s ‘Zola-esque’ goal. Actually no it hasn’t, that goal was just simply outstanding, this boy needs to play every game.

I’ll finish off with something I am forever repeating these days, RAMIRES IS NOT A WINGER!! He simply must stop playing him there, he is beginning to look like half the player he can be, if he plays in the middle. There was a point last night, where he tried to beat his man on the right wing, but lost it. Then two minutes later he was tracking back in the CENTRE of the pitch, sliding in with an excellent ball winning challenge to get the play back for us. This is where he should be playing and what he should be

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