The way in which the Diego Costa situation was handled from both manager and the player himself would suggest that history is likely to repeat itself again, and although not over the same issue, the striker has threatened to leave Atletico Madrid – amid a contract dispute.

Spanish news source Marca via the Sun says that a new bumper deal for teammate Antoine Griezmann, which has seen the Frenchman’s salary raise to £17.5 million-a-year, compared to the £7 million that Diego Costa is on, has reportedly irked the striker so much that he’s using the leverage of a move to China to get more money on the table.

It’s been made clear that Griezmann’s new contract is not the issue for Costa per se, it’s more the amount that it’s gone up from – with the former Chelsea striker demanding parity with his fellow attacker in Atletico’s line-up.

Diego Costa now 30-years old, will know that the time is here for potentially one last big contract push and Griezmann’s salary hike, combined with interest from the seemingly bottomless riches of the Far East could swing the leverage he needs to attain that new deal.

Marca in Spain have since reported that the furoe around the contract hot headedness has calmed down and that Atletico Madrid are confident that any angst Costa may be feeling has subsided. The feeling at Atletico is that Diego Costa made such an determined effort to return to the club after Chelsea, and that loyalty will ultimately see him stay in the Spanish capital.

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