John Terry’s private life has been splashed across every media outlet for the past week and Fabio Capello finally made the decision to drop him as England captain.

JT is a great player, a world class defender and a colossus at the back but also a monumental prat for his off-field antics. But should this really have lead to him losing his job?

Fabio, the great disciplinarian that he is, has made an example of Terry and sent out a clear message to the rest of the would-be World Cup winners that any misdemeanours will be given little time or understanding, 12 minutes in fact.

Now I don’t blame Fabio for sacking JT, after all he is the England manager and Terry has made an error of judgement but in terms of replacing him, with Rio. Really?

When I look at the certainties for a starting place come June, it is hard to find a player that is completely free of any controversy.

With no definite ‘keeper, right back, right midfield, or strike partner for Rooney, it leaves six players other than Terry that are certain of a start.

First up is Rio, who apart from the missing nearly a year of football for not turning up to a drugs test, is currently serving another ban for smashing someone in the face with his forearm. A good role model I think not.

The next possible option is Stevie G, now putting aside my personal hatred for the bloke, built up over a number of seasons and Champions League meetings with the Scousers, he too is not really someone to look up to.

Let’s not forget that he was in court for assault last year after CCTV evidence showed him thumping somebody in a bar. He got off but you can’t help feeling this was more to do with his high profile than anything else. And what would post-match press conferences be like, a continual drone of “ermmm at the end of the day ermmm.” Give me strength.

Moving down the list we come to Wayne Rooney, the form player at the moment who apart from the ‘Grannygate’ incident a few years ago is always in danger of getting sent off with his inability to accept referee decisions or go five minutes without hurling expletives at the man in the middle.

Oh and if he does stay on the pitch long enough there’s always the chance he’ll stamp on someone’s valuables in frustration. Just the sort of player we need as captain.

That leaves Ashley Cole who is the best left back in the world but also one of the dumbest, who cheats on Cheryl? Not even a blind man does. On top of that Ashley was caught do some digits over 100 in his Lambo down the A3, apparently escaping the paparazzi. Those two brain cells must have collided again for poor Ashley.

I hear you cry Frank Lampard’s name from your computers but is this really a wise idea. He doesn’t play as well when he is Chelsea captain and isn’t without media attention as he left his wife and kids last year. Coupled with the fact most non-Chelsea England fans hated him not that long ago, Fabio would be wise not to choose Frank.

And the sixth player? I don’t blame you for forgetting him; yes that’s right Gareth Barry. Only in the team because Owen Hargreaves’ knees are dodgier than Harry Redknapp’s accounts and with about as much influence in the dressing room as Alex Reid has in his relationship.

So, what of the rest of the so called role models in the England set up? Well there’s Micah Richards who was caught in some sort of sexual position not that long ago and Glen Johnson who may or may not have stolen a toilet seat.

Then we’ve got Peter Crouch who is more famous for the robot than any on pitch abilities and Emile Heskey who looks more clueless than me up front. Theo barely looks old enough to be out after half nine and David Beckham, whilst quality is in danger of needing a Zimmer frame to make it through 90 minutes.

So what Fabio is looking at is a bunch of criminal/comical players that are going to win us the World Cup. It looks like Joey Barton and Lee Hughes could get a call up to complete the criminal activities list and create a bit more of a media furore.

I think what we need to learn from this is that on the whole footballers aren’t very good role models for kids. With sickening amounts of money and too much time on their hands we need to stop expecting them to be more than they are.

And the solution to Fabio’s captain crisis? Well for what it’s worth I’d have taken the captaincy off JT but not announced a replacement yet. Because if we’re all honest we don’t really need an England captain yet.

Then at the end of the season with the international friendlies coming up I’d have tried out a few different captains before settling on Terry as captain, barring any further cock-ups (literally) JT’s end.

Terry will have served his punishment at the hands of unforgiving and vociferous away fans and because the best chance we have of winning the World Cup is with John at the helm.

Because ladies and gentlemen, JT is the best captain, he’s a leader of men and wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes he’s made a mistake but the rest of the England team are hardly without record.

And just for the record Wayne Bridge, as much as I love him for his goal against Arsenal, shouldn’t be anywhere near the plane to South Africa. Stephen Warnock is a much better left back.

But this would be too easy and straightforward for the FA and England and nothing is ever straightforward.

But nevermind because this will be long forgotten in a few months time when Wayne Rooney breaks his foot, Stevie G pulls his hamstring and Rio’s caught snorting cocaine. The media circus will probably mean we’ll be waiting another four years for the Holy Grail.

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