Good evening Blues and welcome to Thursdays transfer news update from CFCnet, as we take a look at the potential arrivals and departures this approaching summer transfer window.

First up, it would appear that every possible source and press links are all agreeing that Chelsea are all set to reveal the signing of Colombian International Radamel Falcao, as the deal nears it’s completion.
The very latest is that Falcao wants to push the move through before Colombia begin their Copa America campaign later this month so he knows where his future is. It was widely thought that the Blues would be paying £15 million for a permanent deal of the former Manchester United loanee, but much to popular opinion it now seems that it will be a loan deal from Monaco costing Chelsea around £5 million and the player taking a cut in wages.
I’ve said all along that I am all for this deal, but only at an extremely cut price OR on loan. I don’t think we can write the striker off yet and there is no risk involved when the fee is so low and it’s a loan. So although the situation has been compared to Fernando Torres, it is totally different as the fore-mentioned is not carrying the £50 million fee over his head. I think this is a no brainer as we need back up to Diego Costa. Falcao as a second/third choice striker can’t be all that bad?
Meanwhile, goalkeeper and blues legend Petr Cech is still yet to decide his future and has described the talk of his exit as merely speculation at this stage. Cech will decide his fate next week after appearing for his country Czech Rebublic in a Euro 2016 Qualifying. He confirmed that he has not even thought about his future yet and we all know how keen Jose Mourinho is to keep Cech having made no plans to bring in a replacement as yet.
I think this all depends on whats offers Cech receives. He doesn’t want to leave this football club but he does want to be playing regular first team football which he won’t get here. It’s a tough one to call but I feel he will have to move on but then again Mourinho is capable of producing some magical things.
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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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