As you know we’ve been around for quite a few years and whilst CFCnet has exceeded all of our expectations, it’s time to push on and develop things further for the benefit of us all – that includes you, the reader, and all of us dedicated Chelsea fans behind the scenes at CFCnet.

Most of you know the problems with the current forum in terms of its organisation and of course it’s financial status.

It’s clear to us, that there is no way that we can continue to moderate the current forum as well as people want. The mod queues are growing daily and the moderators now see moderation as a chore rather than something that they can enjoy doing. Some have simply disappeared and have never been seen again such is the work load that has been placed on them.

By giving you an opportunity to move away into a private area we will lighten the mod work required and give you an opportunity to retreat away from the madding crowd. Obviously everyone is welcome to join [ClubCFCnet] but we feel a paid for service where you have to tell us your real name and address will put some of the rouge posters (away fans, trolls etc) from joining [ClubCFCnet] .

What we are trying to create here in effect is our own Supporters Group. An online and offline community where people can get to know each other better. To help mature that idea, this season we are also trying to build a travel club also. The attraction for UK based members of this forum will be reduced travel prices. We also hope to be able to offer [ClubCFCnet] members other money saving opportunities on products and services that are advertised on CFCnet, such as Books and DVDs etc.

To start things off, all new [ClubCFCnet] members can purchase both “Over Land and Sea” and “Blue Murder” by well respected Chelsea fan and author Mark Worrall for just £6.99. (UK only) Limited availability so be quick!

You can find out more about his superb books on his website. [ ]

Two books £6.99! Both have RRP of £9.99!

So you’ve virtually got your [ClubCFCnet] membership fee back in one special offer and more will follow throughout the season. All you have to do is register choosing the “ClubCFCnet and 2 Books (UK Only)” option and we will do the rest.

It’s not compulsory to join [ClubCFCnet] as the forum and current web site will remain available for you to use.

So there you have it the area is yours. We left it pretty much as installed so we are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions on how to develop it. We would like to run it for a few weeks before any major changes to it.

Why not join now before the season starts? [ClubCFCnet]

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