It’s Fans Forum time and CFCnet has been invited to participate for its fifth straight year.  For the last two seasons, Toby Brown (CFCnet’s Editor) has been CFCnet’s representative on the Fans Forum and everyone concerned would like to thank him for his efforts, especially around areas such as the Atmosphere Committee and Flags etc.  Thanks Toby.

This year, I’ll be involved again and representing CFCnet.  The Fans Forum is not unfamiliar to me, as I represented CFCnet for the first two years of the Fans Forum’s existence and I’m looking forward to being involved once again.

The hardest thing I encountered when I first participated in the Fans Forum was that there were two sides to every story.  For every fan that wanted the away fans moved in 2005, there was another fan who was being kicked out of his seat.  CFCnet therefore got it in the neck from all sides with Jose Mourinho throwing his weight around for good measure – not at us personally, but in his wish that away fans were moved.  In the end, the away fans were moved to their current position.

The point I’m making is that anyone who has participated in the Fans Forum will tell you that (a) the Club are willing to listen to suggestions (b) the Club are willing to provide answers about why any particular action can or can’t be taken and (c) the Club officials we’ve encountered from Kenyon downwards are fair minded individuals on the whole.  Compared to the Bates era it’s the difference between dealing with a PriceWaterHouse accountant and Sicily’s Don Corleone with a gun in his hand.

What is also clear when you participate in the Fans Forum is that the Club can’t please all of the people all of the time.  And neither can CFCnet.  So what we’ll do is represent our readers to be the best of our ability and hopefully get results for you.  

The first meeting is before the Villa home game on Sunday October 5th.  The agenda is as follows:

  1. Minutes of the last meeting: changes to the minutes/ matters arising
  1. Thomas Cook and atmosphere sub-committee feedback
  1. Current ticketing issues
  1. Topics for the rest of the season
  1. Stadium (if time allows)

And before anyone complains, no we’re not going to suck up to the Club.  There again, we’ve also felt that being cooperative is better than being combative.  Results over the past few years have proven this strategy works.

Finally, for any Fans Forum issues and potential topics, please email me at [email protected]

Best Wishes and Up the Blues,

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