The competition, sponsored by the New Football Pools (a joint venture between Littlewoods, Zetters and Vernons), is open to online and offline publications.  Therefore CFCnet, both the website and magazine, can be voted for (but not individually – only combined as CFCnet).

Can I ask all our readers to check out the United Kingdom 2008 Fanzine Awards on and vote for CFCnet.  That is, of course, if you feel inclined to do so!


I’d ask you to vote, not for the site’s personal ego, but to acknowledge all the hard work by a team of 50 people who slave night and day to bring you the best independent Chelsea news and content service.

Fifty people?  Yes.  That’s a team of fifteen writers, 25 forum moderators, a few technological specialists, a gifted digital artist and a guiding hand of Peter Sampson, Toby Brown, Grahame Fendle and Rob Hobson.  You won’t believe how much work everybody puts in, especially Peter, Toby, Grahame and Rob.  Thousands of hours for free.  For your entertainment.

People think CFCnet is rich.  Hardly.  As Grahame Fendle pointed out in CFCnet magazine, issue 5, we’re poorer than a church mouse and all the advertising revenue is ploughed straight back into site development, hosting, broadband charges etc.  We earn nothing.  Zilch. Zip.  Therefore, to be acknowledged as one of the Premier League’s best fanzines would at least be some reward for all the hard work and effort put in.

The prize?  Not much.  If we won we’d receive an engraved trophy that would spend three months with Peter, three months with Toby, three months with Grahame and three months with Rob.  Or 12 months in Peter’s garage.  Probably the latter.

So, get your mouse clicking and go to and get voting.  We’d appreciate it.

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