Chelsea travel to Everton today for the end of season ‘dead rubber’ with neither team having anything to play for. Chelsea have secured second spot and a place in the group stage of the ‘obsession cup’, whilst the toffees are guaranteed seventh or eighth.

If all the newspaper hype is to be believed, then today will be farewell to Carlo Ancelotti. There is usually no smoke without fire and Ancelotti’s West Ham comments merely bellowed the flames. According to Rob Beasley, of the Sun, Chelsea have had talks with one, Jose Mourinho!

Further speculation suggests farewells to Drogba, Mikel, Bosingwa, Ferreira and Zirchov. I actually agree with all of these. Drogba is 33 and his mental dedication is suspect. Mikel is cumbersome and slows down the play, whilst the others simply aren’t good enough!

Chelsea have failed to beat the ‘real Mersey-siders’ in five meetings. Prior to that Chelsea had been unbeaten in 24 matches against the toffees. Goodison Park is a tough place to visit and I am happy that we don’t need to win this match. Moyes’ team always seem to start slowly and then build momentum around Christmas time. I think they will be up for the last home game and I see plenty of goals today, so put your spare pennies on Chelsea to win 4-3.

So its summer break time and endless reports of who’s in and who’s out. I have indicated of who I think is leaving, so who do I think will arrive? Brazilian Neymar will be signed, with his David Luiz friendship finally sealing the deal. Tottenham playmaker Luka Modric is looking for Champions league football, so should not be ruled out. The need for a right back is priority with Sergio Ramos my choice. He is solid at the back and very potent going forward, ideal for Chelsea. Finally, we need someone pacy on the right with Adam Johnson fitting the bill. Lack of first team opportunities at Man City will surely make him one of the most sought after players this summer.

Enjoy your break; the roller coaster will start again in pre-season.

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