So there have been various rumours floating around regarding Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona and as always, the majority of the top Premier League clubs have been mentioned as being interested. There is no doubt that if, and that is an IF, Lionel Messi did decide to leave Barcelona, Jose Mourinho and Mr Abramovich would certainly do all they could to actively pursue him.

We all know by now of Messi’s issues as Barcelona and his apparent dislike of the coach, he has even expressed before hand his desire to one day perhaps ply his trade in England. As well as that he has been seen out visiting friends such as Cesc Fabregas in London recently, amongst other little murmurs that point towards a move.

The most recent reasoning behind a potential move for Messi to Chelsea is the strict Financial Fair Play rules now in play. We may now see an end to stupidly large transfer fee’s as clubs desperately attempt to keep within the regulations. This will then make a player like Messi affordable for Chelsea who let’s face it, have a lot of extra funds available after they’ve spent the last couple of seasons making profit on players and buying small.

Messi would make his money in incentives, wages, extra’s and signing on fee’s, but the overall transfer fee would be do-able for Chelsea, but not many other clubs. So do Chelsea fans have reason to get excited? Absolutely yes, there is no way anyone can rule this out as far fetched as it may seem. But like I said at the start, is Lionel Messi REALLY going to want to leave Barcelona? Stranger things have happened!

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