According to inside sources at CFCnet, former Chelsea defender David Luiz is being forced to re-join the Club after controversy surrounding Financial Fair Play regulations over his move to Paris Saint-Germain.

Our sources have exclusively revealed that the complications in the £50 million fee paid by Paris Saint-Germain surrounding the contract agreement, signing on fee and agents fee’s have availed to be corrupt and have not met the standards of financial fair play, as well as their being other illegalities from the two clubs. The specifics have yet to be confirmed but it is initially believed that neither club were aware that the deal was corrupt or against the law, but even still it’s a move that has not been fully officiated and will end immediately.

This means that the contractual agreement has proved to be worthless and David Luiz has been illegally playing for Paris Saint Germain this season.

UEFA will now force David Luiz to go back to London to re-join his club, who are officially his owners still in an event that is the first of it’s kind but won’t be the last due to the strict rules in place with financial fair play. Luiz is still a Chelsea player and will go back to Chelsea with immediate effect.

There will be punishment for both Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain with The Blues having already spent the £50 million received for Luiz. It is thought that they will receive a heavy fine and potentially be docked points by UEFA as will PSG.

The full details of the corruption are yet to be revealed but it is expected that a number of other Premier League sides have made similar errors with recent deals and we could see other players being forced to return to their clubs if the paperwork has not been official and within the regulations.

It’s an ironic situation and Luiz is said to be shocked at these events, especially after helping recently knock Chelsea out of the Champions League and taking to social media with some negative comments about his old/current employers.

It will certainly be an interesting return to the training ground for the Brazilian defender and a huge shock for both clubs, the supporters and anyone involved in football in this bizarre incident that is expected to break world wide within the next few hours.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor


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