The end of the season is approaching and it could be one to forget for Chelsea, or are we just expecting too much after the past few years?

After the Wigan game at the weekend, I was talking to some Blues fans on the train & it was all doom and gloom, you would have thought we had lost not won.
It appears a 1-0 win is no longer good enough for us fans. Do we expect too much from the 1st team now?

For me it is all more about how we actually play, my expectations before the game were that we would easily be able to take on bottom of the league Wigan & come out with some goals & high spirits to take us into this weeks Champions League clash against Man U, however, this was wasn’t to be.

The team looked lost and at times were barely playing as a team. As captain Lampard did a good enough job but at times he looked warn out and really not with the game. Drogba seemed to be playing his own game for the most part and was often playing in midfield or defence & not joining forces with Anelka.
Once Torres came on the atmosphere at the Bridge changed dramatically, the anticipation for him scoring is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Everyone is on the edge of their seats each time he touches the ball & get anywhere near the goal. He did look scoring on a couple of occasions but it seems the whole team are disregarding getting the goals themselves in an attempt to pass it to him. Do we have too much reliance on one striker?

Recently our form has not been great, there have been few stand out performances and if we are to have any hope of getting past Man U & into the next round of the Champions League, we really need to find out what is the missing link and have more team work.

Resting Terry was an interesting move from Ancelotti and we can only hope that it has done the trick & he will be able to motivate the squad tomorrow night into a big win.

Knocking out Fergie’s reds would be like winning the Champions League for Chelsea & we just need to keep pushing until the end of the season for the Premier League. Our chances of a top 2 place are all but gone but we need to hold on for the last few games to ensure we stay were we are.

With our next three Premier Leagues games against WBA, Birmingham & West Ham, this should be the perfect time to pick ourselves up and finish the season on a high.

The fans are feeling the frustration but remain supportive as ever. It almost feels like we are getting to the end of the shelf life for some of our players & the summer transfers should make for very interesting viewing!

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