A severely weakened Manchester City was yesterday thrashed by Chelsea allowing Chelsea to book the sixth round clash at The Goodison Park against Everton. Even though the game seemed like a clear Goliath vs. David duel, there are one or two things that the Blue fans and more than one online sportsbook can learn from the win.

1) The Final Scores did not Flatter Chelsea
All big wins differ: remember, the game was a 1-1 tie during the break. At times, things can be thick during a match, and a single event can influence a collapse, but this failed to happen on Sunday. For starters, Oscar missed scoring from the spot and Pedro hit the post. On top of this, there were other countless opportunities that included a couple of tight offside calls that could have contributed to the Blues scores. Chelsea ran the show.

2) Chelsea is in the FA Cup to Win it
Manchester City was given the same treatment as Milton Keynes were given in the fourth round by Chelsea. In as much as Manuel Pellegrini fielded a weakened squad, there is no doubting resolve of the Blues who are determined to lift the FA Cup.

Guus Hiddink’s side looked composed from the beginning, just like MK Dons, Pellegrini’s side also equalized immediately after conceding the first goal. There was clearly no doubt about the expected results.

3) Bertrand Traore is Grabbing his Opportunities
Having been the fourth choice striker from the start of the season, Traore has been forced to bide his time. However, poor form and injuries have made him Diego Costa’s back-up. Despite his on-pitch appearances being limited to cameos, the striker is full of advantage.

Traore has scored thrice which is an exceptional return a fact that has got Chelsea fans behind his back.

4) Chelsea is Poised to be Stronger with Ivanovic in the Center
Injuries to Kurt Zouma and John Terry have forced Branislav Ivanovic back to his central defensive position a factor that has seen his performance improve.

Branislav has come from being a lost lamb on the right for the better part of last season to a rooted central defender. His return to form substantiates Chelsea renewing his contract, and he should also be given credit for hi current performances.

5) Baba Rahman should Maintain his Position
After Terry’s and Zouma’s injuries, he has been brought to the left back position where he is impressive. Terry’s return should resist Hiddink’s urge to relocate Ivanovic to the right and maintain Azipilicueta on his regular wing.

When Terry returns, Hiddink should resist the urge to move Ivanovic to the right and keep Cesar Azpilicueta on his natural wing. Having natural full back in the few matches has added balance to the team and the Blues should look to maintain this.

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