19 - cfcnet.co.uk_1For a few days still, Europe is burning in a football fever. The games of the EURO 2016 are increasingly exciting as the teams advance through the Stages, leading up to a final on the 10th. But once the final is played, and the new European champion title is awarded, we’ll have more than a month to bear with no quality football to follow. We can fill the gap with replays of matches we’ve already seen, but knowing the outcome of the game we watch is not exactly exciting. So why not dive into the unknown, and play a game paying homage to football – and the unpredictable? The perfect game for this goal is Football Star.

Football Star

Football Star is an online slot machine that was released two years ago, in the wake of the FIFA World Cup. It was built with two things in mind: offering football fans an extra game to play with around the World Cup, and to pay homage to the most followed sport in the world. Its release was timely and successful.
You can read more about the Football Star online slot at Royal Vegas, one of the first gaming destinations to launch the game. With a long history and a great reputation, the Royal Vegas is one of the flagship gaming destinations of its operator. Its lush, rich design is a promise of things to come once you’re inside. Its simple to use interface makes it easy for anyone to engage. But it’s the promotions that make the Royal Vegas especially attractive. Each summer, the Royal Vegas offers its players an amazing special. Among the prizes, there are many that are not tangible, but will leave a mark on the winners’ soul forever – like a seven-day Caribbean cruise, for example.

Compelling mechanic

The Football Star online slot machine has five reels, three rows, and 243 ways to win. Nothing special until this point, you might say. But it has one feature that will make it stand out, borrowed from games like Candy Crush and its likes: whenever its symbols are involved in a winning combination, they disappear from the screen, making way for others fall into their place. This “reactor”- style gameplay makes it a more exciting – and more generous – game to play. And it’s especially useful thanks to the stacked Wild symbols on the reels.

The looks and the feels

All the symbols on the game’s reels are related to football. Some are more generic, others more specific, and some of them have a special significance. Take the ball, for example – without it, football would lose it meaning. In Football Star, the football symbol has the role of triggering the game’s generous Free Spins feature. The cascading wins during the Free Spins are also special – they will continuously grow the multipliers applied to any subsequent win. Football Star is just one of the many ways you can survive the times when quality football is scarce. But it’s perhaps the most accessible, being available on desktops and mobile devices alike.

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