A lot has been asked about our Frankie this summer, will he stay? Will he go? Is the man worth the vast numbers being reported in the press as a weekly wage? Or has he become just another football mercenary looking to make as much money as possible?

Not a lot of this matters to us here at CFCnet, we feel that over the past few seasons, ‘Super Frank’ has more than repaid the faith shown by the club when buying him, and also the faith put in him by Chelsea supporters, for his near herculean escapades in a blue shirt. Whether he signs a new deal, or sees out his current one to try his hand abroad, we’ll wish him well and I’m sure many of you will too.

As a tribute to Frank and to remind the more fickle of you out there just how good Lampard has been for us, we’ve had another video special put together by Carefree Chris to run through Frank’s first 100 goals at Chelsea FC. Some of them were absolute crackers, some will stick in the memory for some time, such as those against Bolton that won us the Premiership for the first time, and if you count, you’ll see there’s not quite as many deflections as many would have you believe!

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