If you were to ask me who our best player was last season, I would definitely be thinking about Gary Cahill as my answer. Playing a sort of unsung hero role, he improved immensely throughout the campaign and finished off the season as one of the best performers. He does so much good for the team, but it does not get the praise it deserves. The amount of blocks and last ditch tackles Gary made, particularly at the end of the season, won us many matches and was as important as scoring a goal.

Competing with David Luiz for that role alongside John Terry is a difficult task in itself, but when given the opportunity, Gary Cahill stepped up to provide a solid ‘brick wall’ in the heart of our defence. When you have a defender of Cahill’s ability, you just know you can feel safe, he wins tackles that should never be his, and he is up there with John Terry for making match saving blocks, that tend to go un-noticed.

For a defender, the pressure is higher; if you make a mistake, you most likely lose a goal. But Cahill plays with absolute composure and confidence on the ball, he is brilliant in the air, reads the game well, a good man marker, and for me he is one of the best centre backs in the Premier League.

Recently Gary Cahill has been answering questions from fans on Twitter, talking for the first time about the injury that kept him out of England’s Euro 2012 campaign, where he was set to start alongside Terry at the back.

On his collision with Joe Hart, he says “When the collision took place I felt my bottom jaw go out and come back in. I would have been amazed if nothing bad had happened to me. I remember going for the X-ray thinking it would take a miracle for nothing to show up. Unfortunately that was the case and it was shocking timing. It was the last game before the Championships and I was about 60-70 minutes from making sure I was on the plane. It was a nightmare. My jaw is all right now. I had all the stuff out last week — the metal plates were in my mouth, elastic-banded up so it was all kept in position”

Pleasing reading for the eyes of all Chelsea fans as our hero of a centre half seems to be fully fit again and by all means, very eager to start the new season. He went on to say “its behind me now and I’m looking forward to a good season”

It would have hit Gary hard not playing in the Euro’s, he is a man that carries great pride when playing. The type of defender that will throw his body on the line for the cause, he is sure to be back to his best again this season frightening strikers with his strong, no nonsense defending.

When Gary plays alongside Terry, its sometimes difficult to differ the two, they’re playing style and fearless defending is so similar, and for us, the fans, that can only mean a good thing, I’ve sometimes wished we had eleven John Terry’s playing out there at times, so now we have at least two!

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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