During recent weeks it has become more and more apparent that certain sections of Chelsea supporters have voiced their concerns of the level of quality that Gary Cahill has to offer this side, and have edged the blame for recent poor results in his direction.

When things don’t go right, naturally supporters will look for a scapegoat, someone to blame and have a moan about. There probably aren’t many players who have gotten away with that lately but in my opinion it is WRONG to scapegoat Cahill.

When someone is so consistent week in week out for three years straight, it’s easy to notice when they have a bad day (which every player is entitled to have). Cahill has always been singled out for his positioning, which at times can be out (usually when he’s not alongside John Terry). But this man is a solid defender and he’s been doing more than a good job for Chelsea since he joined in 2012. You have to remember this isn’t some world class superstar costing us £30-£40 million, this is a player signed from Bolton for £7 million! That’s a steal as I struggle to look around for many better all round defenders than Gary.

People have short memories, Cahill has been superb in so many games, single handedly winning us so many important games with his last ditch blocking and tackles. No defender blocks better than Cahill, and that’s match winning. People over look that, his job is quiet but essential, people don’t see that. He has a large amount of Terry-ness about him, a future captain in my eyes.

Gary Cahill in action against West Ham United
Gary Cahill rising above everyone versus West Ham.

Don’t get me wrong, Cahill has had a couple of very poor games this season (Tottenham and Bradford particularly) but like I’ve mentioned, players have off games, but when defenders have them it’s all the more noticeable than when a winger or midfielder has one because it usually comes at more of a cost. But Cahill is certainly an unsung hero and has quietly been one of the best defenders around in the three years he’s been here for club and country. England would be ruined without him at the back.

Defending is a tactic done collectively, we concede five against Spurs and four against Bradford and only the back four and goalkeeper gets blamed. Defending is done as a unit, if the striker puts in 95% pressing as apposed to 100%, then the midfielder will then need to try and cover for that lack of 5% covered and then the defender behind him and so on. So you see me point, everyone needs to defend, so when we concede so many goals, everyone is at fault.

Bring on Liverpool on Tuesday, I have a really strong feeling that they now might feel the full wrath of a battered and bruised Chelsea team, who come out for this next round fighting and full of energy. COYB!

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