Wembley has changed.  It might be the acoustics, it could be the “Club Wembley” effect, splitting up the support.  It could also be down to any number of ticketing factors.  The problems seem to have affected most, if not all the major finals played there and the atmosphere seems to have suffered as a result.

So, If you’re going to the Semi Final and are either 

  •  a part of the most vocal areas of the Bridge (Matthew Harding Lower, Shed Lower, Shed Upper)
  • a member of our regular, magnificent travelling away support
  • a match going Blue from other parts of the ground or a member who likes to get behind the team

Then, the supporters clubs’ representatives in conjuction with the Football Club advise these supporters to purchase their tickets in the LOWER TIER for the Semi, should funds allow. There is one price band (£44) for virtually ALL the lower tier.  This will mean we get the best out of the Stadium and ensure our boys receive the backing they deserve.

If you’re not that inclined to make some noise, please purchase in other areas of our allocation, if you can.  None of this is compulsory, but we want to give the team the best possible backing on the day.

It is hoped that the Blue Flag will be in attendance as well.  There are no plans to provide flags or scarves so bring your own colours and roar us on to the final.

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