Big Phil has told the media that fellow Brazilian Alex wants to stay with the club and is happy to be part of the squad. This is quite timely considering JT’s red card on Monday night.  Not the cleverest tackle in the world but I have to agree with a guy in the forum who suggests that it might be a blessing in disguise. It now means that JT has a three game rest and can get rid of those niggling injuries that he always tries to play with.

Peter Kenyon has already told the press that there will be no activity in the transfer window and it seems Phil has accepted the stance. The big question on the BBC website is “Does Chelsea’s squad need strengthening? ” My own take on it is no. The players, such as Deco and Ballack just need to try a little harder.  Both are world class players and would fit into practically any other team in Europe. Maybe Phil doesn’t motivate them enough or maybe the prospect of winning the Premiership and or the European Cup doesn’t motivate them enough. To be fair Ballack didn’t kick in until after Xmas last season so maybe he’ll return to that sort of form after this one. Hopefully the return of Essien and Carvalho will be swift too as their involvement will certainly improve the results.

It was with some amusement that I read that the club have denounced an online ticket agency for selling tickets at hugely inflated prices. For the club to do so and at the same time champion Viagogo in the same breath is quite laughable. Especially when a ticket for Kings of Leon gig that retails at £27.50 is on Viagogo for £103.06 inc handling charges etc. I guess the club don’t see that as inflated price?

Finally at this festive time I would just like to wish all Chelsea supporters a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Especially those amongst the faithful who have found themselves out of work at this time. Having been there myself two years ago I can genuinely sympathise. On a positive note let’s hope the New Year brings you new employment and maybe like myself you’ll enjoy a more rewarding profession than the one you’ve just lost.

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