This is my first time of writing in. I haven’t before because most things have been covered over the years, it’s just now I feel so strongly about what I’m going to say, it’s time I did. Before I start, however, I must stress I love Chelsea FC to bits & will never stop going to matches & supporting them through thick and thin.

I really do have grave concerns on the future of our beloved CFC and it’s not particularly to do with the financial side of the club, although of course that is a concern. It’s all to do with the playing side of things.


I’m very sad to say goodbye to Chelsea’s great slick attacking football that I’ve had the privilege to watch over the last few years. It took a long time coming but it was worth it. Special thanks to Vialli & the team he eventually managed.

Naturally Zola (god) has been the lynch pin of the quality of football we have played. How will we replace him? Big concern! We do not and cannot play well without him and recently even with him!

To be honest our performances of late have been nothing short of utter crap, a disgrace. Even though we beat Everton 4-1, I didn’t feel we were convincing. Fulham at home was disturbing, we could have lost if Collins’s shot had gone in at the end.

Losing at Villa and then West Ham was quite frankly outrageous. Losing is part of football, we all know that, but we have played embarrassingly badly when losing. I mean, these are Champions League qualifying games! They should be dealt with professionally. Liverpool have slipped up but as usual we don’t know when to win. It’s not like we have played quality teams, and yet they have been better than us. Why?

I hate saying this and I hope it doesn’t happen, but I do believe that despite our record at Stamford Bridge against Liverpool, we will lose and therefore not qualify for The Champions League, and, you might feel this a terrible thing to say but I’m not sure if we deserve to!

We’ve had untold opportunities to have qualified already but haven’t made the most of them and, whatever you say about Liverpool (and they are a sorry outfit,) they do know when to win. We do not handle pressure very well. The final game will contain a huge amount of pressure….all of our own making.

Chelsea are top of the league when it comes to inconsistency and it goes much deeper than beating the best and losing to the worst.

One season our strikers are outstanding (last season) and our defence is not the best. The next season our strikers are woeful and our defenders are reasonably tight (this season.) As they say, we are consistent at being inconsistent.

Most seasons we have lost to poor opposition and either beaten or outplayed the big boys. This time we haven’t beaten any of the big boys but have managed some good away results from the so called lesser teams. We just cannot get it right. So what is the answer; Ranieri? I think not.

This is a hard one, seems like a reasonably likeable bloke, but being successful is not about being liked.

Every time we have a bad result and there’s been too many of late, I always read and see that he is upbeat about a performance that has been so poor that I’d be embarrassed to talk about it. He comes across as being far too relaxed about being outplayed by a poor team for the umpteenth time.

I know our strikers have had a big problem this season for one reason or another (although not Zola, he is magic)

Hasselbaink’s first touch recently has betrayed his obvious talent.

Why hasn’t Carlton Cole played more often, don’t tell me he’s too young and doesn’t have the experience, he’s good enough and he’s proved it! Perhaps most importantly, he is hungry! Why hasn’t Mikael Forssell been in the squad once he’d recovered from his injury. I rate him very highly. But he’s packed off to some German team who love him, just like the Palace fans did. He proved he can play and score goals in Division One which is a tough division. Cole and Forssell are the future striking partnership at Chelsea with massive potential, but who’s going to develop them further?

Vialli won the F.A Cup, League Cup, Cup Winners Cup, Super Cup, finished our highest ever position (3rd.) I thought the whole point about replacing Vialli was to progress further in the championship and play youngsters, concentrate on the young, developing players. What’s happened there? In Ranieri’s time we have won no trophies and haven’t even managed 3rd place. Great progress!

Newcastle finishing above us 2 seasons running is a clear sign that their development has surpassed ours. We were very poor against them away but taught them a lesson at home.

Newcastle have made good progress, fourth and third place finishes in the last two seasons and therefore Champions League football on a regular basis.

Ranieri thought we were behind Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Leeds at the time he got the job. Leeds have dug their own graves. He didn’t include Newcastle in that group, now however they are genuinely No.3 in the country.

Maybe I sound too negative because at the end of the day we are still hopefully going to finish 4th and qualify for the Champions League but I can’t help thinking it could have been so much more!

In my opinion, Ranieri has made one good signing, William Gallas. Jokanovic and De Lucas are generally regarded as poor players by most Chelsea fans.

Zenden, when he plays, is mediocre but nothing special I’m afraid. Gronkjaer, well we all know he has the pace to skin anyone but his distribution, dear oh dear. How many goals could we have scored and games won if he actually managed to find a player in the box?

Petit fills a hole, not much else. Melchiot and Babayaro are liabilities. Ferrer was quality, he actually defended. We will never win The Premiership with the current squad, and we’ll not be as successful in the Champions League, if we qualify!

New Signings
Football is all about opinions. Some people might agree with my suggestions, others might not. Either way, what follows are the players I think we should buy now, money permitting.

1. Lee Bowyer – Whatever you might think about Bowyer, he is a good football player as well as being a bit dirty. He is great in the tackle, is a good passer of the ball, makes great runs and scores good goals. He’s wasted with the Hammers. Ever since Wisey has left we have lacked the type of midfield aggression that you need to keep hold of the midfield. Every team has to have that type of player if they are serious about winning trophies (Viera, Keane.) Lee and Lamps in the middle, awesome. He is out of contract in the summer, lets snap him up!

2. Jay Jay Ococha – This player is a joy to watch. We will never be able to replace Zola but in the 17 years I have supported Chelsea we have always had at least one skilful entertainer who makes things tick. I could actually imagine Jay Jay up front, being converted from attacking midfielder to striker. A bit like Henry, winger to striker.

3. Harry Kewell – I’ve always rated Kewell, a good solid winger who actually scores quality goals. Good premiership and champions league experience. He and we would thrive if he signed.

4. Stephen Carr – I know, Tottenham player but unfortunately they do have the odd good player. Carr is a quality right back. Solid and adventurous with a Roy Keane like aggression. Would make us even tighter at the back.

I believe these obtainable players, and most of our current ones, could deliver us The Premiership. However, because we’ve wasted big money on crap in the past we probably have no money to spend without selling large, even if we get in the Champions League.

My Team for next season






Right I’ve finished ranting. Good luck to the Blues. God bless Zola, we must learn to play well without him. It’s time for a change next season because if not we are going to become a mid-table team at best and the quality of football will continue to go downhill.

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