I’ve just received the following from Chelsea FC;

Chelsea Football Club would like to wish all our fans travelling to Moscow a safe journey. To ease your experience we would suggest observation of the following:

* Please be patient at the airport and any other points of entry to Russia. These will be extremely busy and there will be delays.

* Please avoid drinking alcohol and smoking on the streets of Moscow. Consuming alcohol on the street is illegal in Russia and the authorities will clamp down on this. Please stay in restaurants or bars if you wish to drink.

* Smoking is also banned in some public areas and the authorities are sensitive about the issue.

* Passports should be carried at all times and must be produced on demand. On the spot fines for minor offences are common.

* Please do not confront the police. The policing culture is different to England.

* There are 4 security perimeters around the stadium. Most supporter buses will go direct to the stadium from the airport. Please check the restrictions before you pass through the various security perimeters. You may not be permitted to leave the stadium area once you pass through them and no alcohol is being served in certain areas.

* Please do not lose your match ticket after the game, it is your visa and will be needed to exit the country.

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