We’re proud of the boys … A recent post of CFCnet’s implored Ancelotti to stick to 4-3-3 and go down fighting in the big games rather than fade out on a 4-3-2-1 whimper. Whilst we’re 100% sure our Italian manager doesn’t read CFCnet (although we keep our English simple in hope), he certainly obeyed our wishes at the San Siro.

We not only matched Inter but gave them a game, and then some.

Deprived of a clear penalty on the stroke of half time; denied by four inches of Milanese crossbar from a Drogba free kick; a vital away goal by Kalou…..as well as dominating possession against four time back-to-back Serie A champions. What more could we ask?

Well, according to some fans, a lot more. It’s a feature of our CFCnet’s Forums that what some people see as a heroic performance in one of the citadels of world football, others see as a hapless performance. To test our theory we forwarded a text we received applauding our performance as ‘superb’ to another fan. He thought we were deluded. Such are supporters’ views.

CFCnet’s opinion? We were the better team. Yes, Inter’s tactics were clever particularly the way they soaked up pressure and didn’t allow us any counter-attacks, but we also retained possession superbly. Calm, composed and utterly professional we were unlucky not to draw. And don’t forget we had a patched up defence too.

If we had any frustrations and the odd broken plate it was with Salomon Kalou. Time after time our attacks broke down at his feet, or lack of them, and it was only his goal that shut us up. That always seems to work, but not enough with him. Salomon, you need to up your level by 10% to make us feel you really belong with Chelsea at a stadium like the San Siro.

The support? Sensational, with all the old favourites belting out round the ground. Didn’t we just love the Dennis Wise song. It’s not often that the San Siro is drowned out by the sound of away fans and the whole support itself needs to take a pat on the back.

The return leg? We’re confident. Yes, you could say the tie is finely balanced but 2-1 is better than 1-0 because of the away goal. With Stamford Bridge raucous and full of raw passion, the Italian’s won’t know what’s hit them when they step on our turf.

The demand for tickets for the return leg is as great as any we’ve witnessed with thousands of fans looking for spares and returns. All we’d ask is that those fans lucky enough to attend do us all proud and sing up for the team.

With a full, passionate ground and an attacking tactical formation, CFCnet feels we’ll do enough to win. C’mon boys, BELIEVE.

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