Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

The Chelsea Football Club has had a long history of dominance in the Premiere League. The boys from Stamford Bridge have won five league titles and a variety of international club championship trophies. Famed manager Jose Mourinho has been particularly effective at guiding The Blues to the top. The good news is that he is staying on for the next season and is already making moves to improve the team’s chances of getting back-to-back titles. It’s an exciting time for fans who are watching their every move. This is especially true for bettors gauging their odds of winning in every game.

Off-season Activities
Now that the league is on a break, many of the players are on international duty for their respective countries. It’s a great way for them to stay in shape during the off-season and gain more experience on the pitch. The younger ones will certainly benefit from it including up-and-comers from the England Under-21 team who are competing at the European Championships. There are also the Latin American players who are going at it in the 2015 Copa America. A good performance from these lads is sure to boost confidence about their possible contributions in Chelsea for next season.

Betting Odds
These are all solid choices and people are eagerly awaiting the results. Certainly, Mourinho’s record speaks for itself and no one can question his skills at spotting top talent. Fans can expect the team to give it their all in every match and stay true to form as league champions when the next season opens. Meanwhile, fans can play Royal Canada online games to shore up their funds. Have endless hours of enjoyment playing all of the available titles on the site and win real cash. With the winnings accumulated, fans can enjoy preparing for the next season by purchasing the latest kit, hats and accessories to show their true support to the Chelsea players and club.

Manager’s Picks
Mourinho is working in the sidelines to boost the strength of his team in what is shaping up to be a highly competitive 2015-2016 season. Never one to rest on his laurels, the Portuguese manager is looking to add depth to his bench with several acquisitions. One of the more publicised moves is the transfer of midfielder Mousa Dembele from Tottenham to Chelsea. Dembele plays for Belgium in the international circuit and has been a solid presence for the Spurs. John Obi Mikel is expected to depart so he is likely to take that place. This would cost the club about £12 million if it happens.

Other players who might suit up for The Blues are midfielders Gianelli Imbula and Axel Witsel of France and Belgium, respectively. There is nothing definite yet about their signings as different teams have shown interest in getting their services. The camp of Edin Dzeko, a striker from Bosnia, has denied rumours that he might be switching from Manchester City to Chelsea. Midfielder Alex Song is in talks with the club as well although a tug of war with Man City and complications with existing contracts are prolonging the negotiations. The noted defender John Stones may also see action at Stamford Bridge.

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