If there is one trend that drives online casino gaming in 2016, it is the incorporation of advanced technology to replicate authentic, real-time settings. This is manifesting itself in many different ways, from the pace at which individual games are played to the quality of dealer interaction and virtual environments. With even greater innovations set to take hold in the coming months, online casino games may soon be able to replicate the core elements of real-world gambling with breath-taking ease.

3 ways in which Online Gaming is becoming increasingly authentic

It is worth exploring this in detail, so let’s take a look at the evolution of gaming and the primary ways in which online gameplay is becoming increasingly authentic. These include: –

  1. The rise of real-money wagering

With some of the best real money sport themed slots available online, it is now possible for gamblers to bet their hard-earned cash in the pursuit of an authentic casino thrill. This is a relatively new and exciting development in the online gaming market, as it appeals to the gamblers’ instinct and creates realistic wagers that are ideally balanced in terms of risk and reward. With virtual currencies such as Bitcoin also helping gamblers to achieve this delicate balance, online casino gaming is benefitting from a more immersive and accessible real-world experience.

  1. The Increasingly authentic pace of individual casino games

On a similar note, developers have also been keen to access to recreate the true pace of individual casino games and experiences. This has been most prominent in repetitive games such as roulette, with most online and mobile iterations now driving an average of two spins per minute and the type of realistic pacing that helps to attract traditional gamblers. While it is only a relatively small detail, it is also one that can subconsciously hook experienced, bricks and mortar casino players and help them to make a seamless transition to the virtual world.

  1. The emergence of Advanced and real-time dealer Interaction

Finally, it would be unwise to underestimate the importance of online dealer interaction and the role that these character play in overseeing games. Just as this helps to regulate the real-world gambling experience, it can also add a fun and interactive experience to online gaming and create greater authenticity.

We are seeing this across a number of online casino games, particularly card-based titles such as poker and blackjack. With online dealers now replicating the role of corporeal individuals and helping to drive a familiar experience, players can relax and adapt far more easily to the online platform. Some brands are also looking to have an increasing amount of fun with this concept, driving greater interaction between players, croupiers and dealers in real-time.

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