FanBet Betting Tips System
FanBet Betting Tips System

Making money betting on football could be easier than you think.

This is the idea behind

If your average return on football betting is 10% (Bet 100, Win 110), then logic says following the picks of fans with 20% or more is better (Bet 100, Win 120), this is called Yield.

FanBet provides a simple way to follow such fans and improve your yield. (and find out your yield if you don’t know)

How It Works

FanBet offers a competitive betting game called “Fan Play”, free to fans around the world. You start with 5,000 credits and enter by placing bets on Premier League Games. The fans with the highest weekly returns share the cash prizes. There is no fee to enter.

After each game you are awarded points for your positive returns. Points count towards your status (Rookie, Squad Player, Pro etc). If you get enough points you will ultimately earn Pro status.

As a FanBet member you can follow Pros to see their betting picks, wagers, average returns and yield stats prior to the games. Armed with this knowledge you can use their picks to bet for real money at leading Bookmakers. It is as simple as that.

Logic says that by backing players with consistent returns, you will make more money betting online using the FanBet Betting Tips System.

Essentially you are copying the picks of players with a higher yield or average return than yours to improve your real money returns.

The FanBet site officially launches in August, one week before the start of the Premier League season, but you are encouraged to sign up now to secure a cool username before the good ones are taken.

Visit to signup for free and bet for play or real money.

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