Willian celebrates against Stoke City
Willian celebrates against Stoke City

If you are not making consistent returns from your football bets then we may have the answer for you in the form of the all-new FanBet site, launching in August ahead of the Premier League Season.

The logic behind the FanBet system is simple. Track winning bettors and copy their picks to improve your own results, or study their betting patterns to improve your game. The concept itself is not a new one as there are many tipster sites online, the edge comes in how they compile their data.

FanBet is unique in that it offers a free to play weekly betting game with cash prizes going to the top 10 players. Each week members square off against each other starting with a 5,000 bankroll. Picks are made and credits wagered in a simulated betting environment with live odds streamed from a major Bookmaker.

Positive game winnings are converted to points and members earn status based on these points, accumulate enough points and you can reach Pro status. Now is where the real value comes into play for real money bettors.

You can follow any Pro player and see their picks and bet amounts ahead of the games. By using this information you can copy their picks and adjust your betting amounts accordingly. This is important as tips alone do not make a top punter, you need to understand how much to bet, bankroll management and odds too.

FanBet makes all of the above easy with a 100% transparent system designed to improve your betting play. If you are not sold on the system or not ready to take the plunge into real money betting, use the free weekly betting game to hone your skills before pulling the trigger.

FanBet is free to fans worldwide and targets the English Premier League exclusively.

Signup at www.fanbet.com before the official launch and secure a cool username before all the good ones are taken.

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