It’s that man again, the incredible Hulk, only I’m not talking about the green man with huge muscles that rips every T-shirt he’s ever worn. No, I’m talking about a guy with a similar build and destruction ability, the footballing Brazilian version, the man of the moment, Givanildo Hulk from Porto.

Chelsea have been debating a move for Hulk all summer and have even made various unofficial enquiries for him, there is no doubt that Roman Abramovich wants him as one of his final pieces to the puzzle this season. Chelsea have been put off continuously by Porto’s high asking price, said to be over £40 million. But there now seems to be light at the end of this footballing tunnel.

Hulk has stated that he is considering his future at Porto and requested talks that happened today, more than likely the player will now request a transfer. In the same interview he has also said that he would like to play in the Premier League and Chelsea are the front runners.

In my opinion we are weak on the right hand side, we miss that attacking spark that a player like Hulk will provide. I want to see Hulk fill that gap at Chelsea and with a new right back as well (Azpilicueta by the end of this week) then I’ll be more than happy with the squad. I think Abramovich see’s it that way too and will now do everything in his powers to make sure Chelsea get Hulk before August 31st.

I have said all along and I now re-iterate, in my opinion Chelsea will sign Hulk in the closing stages of the transfer deadline and we will have the drama of another deadline day fiasco in the shape of Hulk. It is sure to test the nerves and patience of Chelsea supporters who truly believed he was basically already a Chelsea player back when we signed Hazard, but he will sign, I’m certain of it.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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