With today bringing in the fresh news regarding Chelsea’s new bid for Andre Schurrle, could this spell the end of the chase for Porto winger Hulk? Schurrle plays a similar role to Hulk and I’m sure Chelsea will not be signing both players.

This could mean that Porto’s high asking price, said to be around €70 million, has finally put Chelsea off, and forced them to turn their attentions elsewhere.

This theory has also been backed up today, with ESPN reporting an interview with Hulk and ‘Lancenet’ stating that he has not had any contact with Chelsea, or any other club for that matter.

I believe that Chelsea have all but given up on the Brazilian international, who was said to be very close to signing.

Many pundits have stated that Hulk could be a potential replacement for Didier Drogba with his power, pace and finishing. But in my opinion, Hulk is a winger and cannot fill the hole left by Didier, which lets be honest, is far too big of a hole to fill anyway. But if Chelsea Staff see Hulk as a potential centre forward, then they might still pursue the deal, but I personally cannot see it happening, especially if they sign someone like Schurrle or Victor Moses as reported.

Hulk also stated that he has four more years left on his Porto contract, and at the moment is focusing on the Olympics.

An interesting story coming at us today, as many people truly believed that the Hulk deal was done and dusted, including myself.  Far from the case it would seem following these comments. I’m very sure that Hulk would have at least liaised with his agent regarding what Chelsea would like to put on the table for him, but that also does not seem to have happened.

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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