Everyday brings a new twist in the Hulk saga. It indeed has become a saga. From being an almost done deal, it has come to a no deal. The saga has taken a new turn.

The latest news is that, even though Hulk wants to join Chelsea, an open secret, Porto are more interested in selling him to PSG. That bit of news was reported by Portugal’s ‘Diário de Notícias’.

However, the latest on Hulk is not up on the DN website yet. Other media such as twitter (Paulo Freitas, Sky Sports Correspondent) and A Bola have reported the same. So one is inclined to believe the news.

On the bright side, now it would be clear to many a skeptic fan, that Hulk indeed wants to join Chelsea. At least now, the blame can be shifted from Hulk to Porto.

On the down side, Porto are facing a severe financial crunch. The DN had reported recently that the Porto basketball team was disbanded owing to the lack of funds. Many players have not been paid their salaries.

From Porto’s point of view, selling Hulk to PSG would make more sense in terms of finances. Although, Hulk is reluctant to go to PSG. In the past interviews, Hulk had stated that he wants to be a starter in the Brazilian national team. For that to happen, he needs to play in a top league, like the EPL, and play in a top team, preferably a team that competes in the Champions League.

At the moment, it seems to be a tug of war between Hulk and Porto. The worst case scenario would be for Hulk to stay at Porto. Porto well and truly know, Hulk’s potential suitors may not come back for him in the next season. So it is now or never for them.

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