We’ve had various different rumours flying around for the last month and a half, speculating if, when, and for how much Hulk will join Chelsea. It seems like the latest piece of news confirms the deal is well and truly in the negotiation stages.

The player himself wants to join Chelsea. His agent confirmed yesterday that the player is keen for a deal to be made as soon as possible, as he believes joining a club like Chelsea, will help his own World Cup chances in 2014. Clearly being on the main stage in the Premier League appeals to the Brazilian international and rightly so. The 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil, so it would mean everything for him to be a part of it.

The 25 year old forward who plays as a right winger, is very good at cutting in on his left foot, and many Chelsea fans believe he is the missing link to our re-invented squad this season, and will help the likes of Fernando Torres, Juan Mata and Eden Hazard with turning Chelsea into an exciting offensive team.

So Chelsea wants Hulk, and Hulk wants Chelsea. The only problem seems to be the two clubs agreeing a fee. Porto are holding out for as much as they can, this could prove to backfire. I can’t see Roman Abramovich giving in to their high demands, and if they do not accept what he puts on the table, they wont have another chance to collect the high fee that Chelsea will pay.

He has a buy out clause of £80 million; no way will any club match that. Chelsea want him for around £30 million, plus bonuses and appearance fees, that could see it reach nearer to £40 million. It seems that Porto want more for their start asset, and the talks have stalled as neither party are looking to back down on their stance. This is frustrating Hulk and Chelsea supporters. But are we prepared to pay £40 million for one player? I know this is a split opinion amongst die hard supporters.

Hulk’s agent, Teodora Fonseca stated  ‘Hulk is among the most coveted players in Europe. He feels good at Porto, he is part of the family, but a departure is not impossible. He wants to play in the World Cup 2014 in his homeland, and England makes this more realistic”

It looks as if Porto are looking to get the most they possibly can out of this deal, they know the transfer is imminent, and I feel they will meet somewhere half way with Chelsea, and both parties will agree the fee within the next two weeks.

So to conclude, surely now it won’t be long before the club shop starts selling ‘The Incredible Hulk’ action figures!

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