Has there been any player to make such a dramatic entrance as David Luiz?  Not since Gianfranco Zola popped up on these shores in November 1996 has a single individual made such an instant impact at our club. 

Signed on deadline day, a source told CFCnet that the ex-Benfica defender was ‘like Ricardo Carvalho only better’.  Whilst that’s praise indeed – Riccy was, after all, a fantastic player– even we couldn’t begin to imagine the affect Luiz has had on both the team and the fans.

It’s therefore fitting that the chant commandeered by Zola has been passed onto the Brazilian international.  To the tune of ‘I Love You Baby’ the song that rose up on Sunday from the Matthew Harding Lower had everyone doubled up with laughter yet there’s no question it’s a classic:

“Oh David Luiz, you are the love of my life,

Oh David Luiz, you can sh** my wife,

Oh David Luiz, I want curly hair toooo.”

Just like his Barclays Man of the Match performance against Fulham, Luiz’s MOM display against Man City marks him out as a legend.  Not tomorrow, but today. Young, committed, passionate and outrageously skilful, he took the game by the scruff of the neck and capped it all with the opening, decisive goal. His occasional eccentricities simply endear him further – witness his shoulder barge on Milner. Priceless.

Talk in the pubs afterwards centred on Luiz and bets have already been placed that the Brazilian will be our future captain when JT and Lamps hang up their boots.  Perhaps that’s a bit early to call, but aged 23 one can only guess what Luiz is going to be like in four years’ time.  “Frightening” was how one CFCnet crew member described it.

Luiz’s display also capped the weekend for the Chelsea Bulgarian Supporters Club.  Over here for their annual pilgrimage, the supporters from Sofia were left open-mouthed by our new centre back. 

There are hundreds of overseas Chelsea fan clubs but the Bulgarian Supporters have a special place in CFCnet’s hearts.  When we played Levski Sofia a few years ago, the Bulgarian Chelsea Supporters Club put us up, fed and watered us, and then hosted a raucous party in downtown Sofia.  It was quite surreal to hear ‘Carefree’ boom around the city streets in such a heavy East European accent – “Caffreee, vair eva you villt bee”.

It’s not just us who have a soft spot for the Bulgarian crew. Dave Johnstone of CFCUK fame was also a guest of Dimitar Popov et al and one particular scene remains indelibly stamped in our minds.  The Bulgarian Supporters arranged an hour long radio slot on Bulgaria Talk Radio and expecting a rather passive morning, the interviewer asked Dave Johnstone what song he wanted to play.  His choice was ‘God Save the Queen’ by the Sex Pistols broadcast to millions of Bulgarians eating their breakfast.  Listening figures slumped in the days following the broadcast but Dave Johnstone had a grin as wide as the Thames.

The short clip below shows the Bulgarian Supporters outside the Anglesea Arms before Sunday’s game.  In no particular order are Dimitar Popov, Deyan Shipkov, Plamen Ivanov and Martin Todorov.

Finally, a quick word to the Stadium Screen producer who broadcast a clip of Roman Abramovich’s reaction to the substitution of Fernando Torres.  The feeling amongst fans was that it undermined the manager and we’d prefer any clips to be more carefully chosen in future.

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