A sporting game wouldn’t be complete without over-priced hotdogs, the feeling of deafening ears caused by screaming and mascots getting the crowd riled up, and this is especially true when it comes to football. Designed to interact with fans and to act as an entertain morale boost, our mascots often end up doing a lot more than simply acting as a memorable and entertaining embodiment of their club. Some mascots go down in history for their bizarre appearance of questionable antics, while others (mascots aren’t always dressed up in an animal suit) can help us see beyond our own problems and raise money for life saving treatment for those who need it most. Regardless of what mascot a football club has, they are all due some respected celebration in their contribution to their respective team. In many cases a mascot’s role extends their intention and they can become to be as vital to the victory of their club as the fans or the football players themselves. Through exploring some of the most iconic mascots in the world of football, we will certainly cover some of the best mascot moments of all time

Mighty Red- Liverpool Mascot
It may seem surprising that Liverpool didn’t have a mascot until 2012, which is why the club’s American owners finally decided that it was time the club caught up with the times and created their own iconic character. Mighty Red has quickly become an easily recognisable and loveable supporter of the club.

Kingsley- Partick Thistle Mascot
And, while there certainly are some super-cute and very memorable mascots that football fans know and love out there, there are other mascots which missed the mark and have become infamously associated with their footballs teams and Kingsley is certainly one that falls into this category. Kingsley was designed by David Shringley, a Turner Prize nominee, which explains his ‘artistic’ appearance. Many have been known to be scared by looking at him and have been known to be worried if they caught him looking at them due to his menacing expression!

Gunnersaurus Rex- Arsenal Mascot
Arsenal certainly knows how to create the perfect mascot- introducing Gunnersaurus, the friendly 7 foot dinosaur! There is little disputing this guy’s ability to capture people’s hearts due to his cheeky personality and spectacularly green skin.

Changy The Elephant- Everton Mascot
This cute and feisty addition to the Everton team came along in 2004 when The Thai Beer Company secured a sponsorship deal with the club and took over from Mr Toffee. Changy’s sass and enthusiasm for Football makes him a great contender when it comes to top spot in the mascot games!

Mascots have become a very integral part of the sporting world and it will be impossible to pick an overall favourite as each jolly character means so much to the fan of each team. So, regardless of which footie team you support, be sure to take some time in acknowledging the characters that light up the atmosphere of any game and ignite the stadium’s energy levels!

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