Aren’t we a depressive lot lately? So much tortured introspection and excruciating dissection into what’s gone wrong, why it’s gone wrong, are we going to win anything, will we nothing, who’s to blame, who’s exonerated blah blah blah blah blah!! I think there’s many who are missing the point about what it is to support Chelsea.

It’s not about taking yourself too seriously; leave that to the lamentable Scallies from Sh*te Central. It’s not about getting wound up about winning things and making arrogant assumptions that we should; leave that to those from the North West’s second city with the entirely ugly, rouge-nosed, t*ss pot heart attack waiting to happen (hopefully) manager, who have nothing else to look forward to.

It’s not about getting hamstrung on notions of acceptable style of play; leave that to the displaced North London squatters with the wierd manager who sell thier stadium’s name. If we win nothing, it’s not all that matters.

Supporting Chelsea is about stoicism, ironic humour in the face of failure, self deprication, style and class in what we do and wear, fortitude… never giving up in the ace of failure, about the incessant, grinding chant of Chelsea, Chelsea when the chips are down, the craic the chants and the classic away day jaunts. It’s about, well…. just being Chelsea.

We are the only constant in the football club; we were here from Alan Mayes to Adrian Mutu and will be here for Mancienne. We are the identity of the club and the fabric by which it hangs together. We are all that matters. The rest… the managers, owners, and the players are all just passing through, ephemeral.

So **** Avram, **** Kenyon, **** Drogba, **** Mourinho, in fact:

**** ’em all, **** ’em all,
United, West Ham, Liverpool,
Cause we are the Chelsea and we are the best,
We are the Chelsea so **** all the rest.

Bring on the dippers! Let’s show them what it is to SUPPORT Chelsea. COME ON YOU BLUES!

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