Just a quick reminder about the newest addition to CFCnet which is called ClubCFCnet.

ClubCFCnet was established at your request as a place away from the madding crowd and as a way of easing the financial burden of ever increasing monetary problems associated with keeping the web site independent (from the networks) and unofficially blue tinted as possible.

So what can you expect to find within ClubCFCnet?
More of the same really, but without the usual splattering of away fans and other miscreants intent on causing trouble and abusing others from the safety of their PCs.

ClubCFCnet is also a genuine attempt to create an offline community. With the site away from the general public many ClubCFCnet members are quite freely swapping contact details and arranging meetings before and after the match.

We also feel it right and fair that our members can enter exclusive competitions and benefit from other appropriate offerings.

An advantage for us is that we now have our very own paid up membership. This means that we can offer our members representation at the official fans forum meetings and other offline activities that we are involved with.

One of the busiest areas of ClubCFCnet is the last minute ticket/seat exchange. By moving the ticket and traveling forum into a paid for area we have given sellers and buyers a little more confidence to communicate with each other. Users are also encouraged to leave their contact details within requests to speed up communication. Whilst we can not guarantee against the problems that occurred last season we now have Paypal information on each registrant which would give us a little more information on anyone who’s a little slow to pay or send out their unwanted ticket.

We also believe that members of ClubCFCnet are real Chelsea fans who have genuine reasons for not being able to use the tickets. To this extent we do not tolerate touting in anyway.

Login into ClubCFCnet [ http://www.clubcfcnet.com ]

Membership to ClubCFCnet costs £1 per month.

Still not convinced? Well here’s what a small fraction of our membership think of ClubCFCnet.

CFC George “I’m pleased I’ve finally joined!”

Jaffa “Best £12 I’ve ever spent.”

OTFC “One of the few things on the internet worth investing in.”

Chedaki “£12 quid really is a bargain!”

Ted Herrington. “Just signed up. Looks good so far. Keep up the good work lads.”

Mark and Luke Bicknell. “Hope we can make friends with a few of you and contribute to this wonderful site.”

West Suffolk Blues “I’ve used the ticket exchange a few times in the past and played in the supporters’ tournament at Cobham for CFCnet during the summer. Those things alone more than cover the annual subscription fee.”

Tony Blue. “Here, have £12. I’ve enjoyed CFCnet for long enough so it’s the least I could do. I’m a ST in the WL in case anyone is up for a drink.”

Ravin Mad “More than happy to contribute a few quid towards keeping an excellent site running (and scumbag scousers away).”

Louder Than Ritalin “Seems better over here to be honest. Seems quite positive also, can’t be doing with all the negativity going around at the moment.”

AJH Shaw. “Looking forward to a decent conversation, and some positivity (if that’s possible for a Chelsea fan.)”

Jezza “Glad to be here and hope to bump into some of you at the Bridge or surrounding hostelries!”

Paul Richards “Good to be here and back amongst friends.”

Chara “OK. Couldn’t stay away, At least it will be real Chelsea people, somewhat sick and tired of “outsiders” and the bottom line trash on Setanta and other stuff out here.”

Jane B “Just wanted to thank you and the other guys for all your hard work on our behalf. It isn’t taken for granted, not by me anyway.”

Paul H “Pleased to be on board and supporting the mighty CFCnet.”

Chris Huggett “It’s so refreshing to be able to read a discussion without having to scroll past the personal arguments and pointless one liners I’m proper impressed with it all. Money well spent.”

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