As ever the CFCnet inbox is absolutely bulging with mail from all over the world. So in an “as and when required” new feature, I’m going to share with you some of the stranger correspondence that we’ve been sent over the last few days.

Prince Kuffour wrote to us a few days before the Champions League final. “I promise you that you are going to win the match between you and Man Utd.” I gather he didn’t mean the CL final then?

Richard Jarrett offered his commiserations from the blue half of Glasgow. “It’s not IF you beat them in the future, but WHEN! All blues together. Follow Follow.” I’m sure Chelsea will beat Man U in the future but I personally wanted to beat them in the CL final even more!

In regards to the current manager vacancy Robert Young writes to us as he wants us to start a campaign to get Jose back in charge of first team affairs. Robert tells us that “we need him” and we “should let him run the club his way.” Have to agree on both points but the horse has already bolted I’m afraid. Plus of course he’s just joined Inter.

A guy named Bill tells us that Chelsea should have got rid of “the Russian”. And he also reveals that he will save his save his money and “go back to supporting grass roots football.” Maybe he’s off to Anfield then? They’re always happy with 4th place and keep telling us they are a traditional club.

Meanwhile Henrie Ranenburg wants us to tell him how to meet the “Chelsea hooligans.” Our advice is to simply turn up at the Bridge wearing a Spurs shirt.

Moreno Juriša wrote: “I’m big fan of Chelsea FC and I’m coming from Croatia. There’s no fun-shop here and I would like to have an old shirt by Chelsea FC. Maybe someone can help me! Please!” So if anyone can help Moreno locate a fun shop in Croatia and an old Chelsea shirt please contact us in the usual way. Maybe Moreno should try Hamburg or Amsterdam for a fun-shop though?

For some reason some of our readers think that we can help them get into the Chelsea squad. This includes Adofo Samuel who is located in Ghana tells us that he is “ready to be a footballer.” Adan Gulled is 10 years old and wants Chelsea to “keep a space for him.” Yunus Karalar knows how to make an old fat man happy. “Help me, help me become the star I LOVE YOU PETER SAMPSON, I LOVE CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB.”

We also have a message from Johanna of Zambia to Salomon Kalou. The message is simply says “Salomon, you play nicely.”

Prashant Goel informs us that his company has rooms available in Moscow for the bargain price of 1800 euros per night. Bargain! Wish I had the opportunity to take him up on his very kind offer.

Please keep the correspondence coming guys but be warned. Any message that starts “Really impressed with your site and thought…” will get stuck in the spam bin straight away.

Finally I leave you with a message from Pavel who took the time to write: “Hi how are you!” Well Pavel I’m very well and I hope that you are too.

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