My name is Louis Utama, I love football, and contributor for one football tabloid in Indonesia.

I was really shocked when you post photos from Indonesia that are not true. (Editor: the photos on the right were sent to CFCnet via Twitter)

I will give you explanations.

  1. Meet and greet, jersey signing very expensive? Yes its true, just rich people can enter that session. (Image 1) I know my friend report from Bangkok and talk with many officials and other media. Finally Chelsea refund their money. But they still enter that session. Just 10% from drawing quiz. Very sad when I know, people that come to that session, don’t know Chelsea players, and they just bought jersey from store on that day.
  2. Fans can’t come to field during training. And no access to meet players during training. This situation because 2 promoters conflict with sponsor for this game. First promoter MyEvents sacked by BNI 2 months ago. And they don’t get compensation. They made appraisal for club, pay for field and many costs. But BNI as main sponsor don’t give compensation. I know the problem, but I don’t want to talk a lot in here. Maybe this situation, made training session closed, to prevent any troubles inside. Now after the game, this problem will be processed in court.
  3. About stadium last night, not true that kids and many people trap in stadium. (Image 2) The actual photo saw that door to dressing room is closed for fans! I know some fans used their ID to meet players in that area. But it is forbidden! So for security, the door to enter that area must be closed! I heard that last night someone want to take picture with Jose, when he try to change his shirt. Really crazy fans, and I hear official already pushed them away.
  4. The picture that shown yesterday, many kids trap etc is not true. I know that man ‘usually’ take pictures or get signature but yesterday, security closed that door. Because for safety reason. And they talk rubbish because emotion, can’t meet players.

I don’t meet players too, just meet Mourinho and Ashley Cole during press conference and already tweet it.

After I know hotel is closed for public, and training also, its ok for me, I can’t meet players to take pictures or get signature. But I try not to be angry and talk rubbish and not the true things.

Just some people want to enter that area, but not permitted by security and make a fake story.

Actually no accident like that in game yesterday, and fans can come safely.

Contribution from Louis Utama.


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