I’ve decided to jot down a few points in defence of our under attack club captain, John Terry, who is seemingly one of the most hated players in football at the moment. Rival supporters, even if they aren’t our direct rivals, are all jumping on the John Terry hatred bandwagon.

It’s all part of football and unfortunately this time, it has gone further than just banter at work, John Terry has been forced to retire from international football and I don’t blame him. It’s normally a case of abuse Terry and he reacts on the pitch, like a lion being woken up at the zoo, in fact, please do boo him, he plays better in those circumstances, it spurs him on.

Say what you want about John Terry, claim he is a racist, a cheat, a bad person, whatever you like to think, but when it comes down to it, like anyone else in this world he has made mistakes, but he has been cleared from making racist comments by the countries court of law, that is a fact.

The English Football Association however, decided this was not good enough (an English legal court!) and chose to make their own enquiries and open a case against Terry. It’s an absurd decision in my opinion, I mean, if he is then cleared by the FA, what next? Will FIFA launch an investigation? How many more of these people want to hate on John Terry?

I find it hugely disrespectful for the FA to treat John Terry this way, a man who has put his heart and soul into the England team for the last decade, a player who will always put his body on the line and wear the 3 lion shirt with pride. Watch him belt out that national anthem, he sings with passion and pride, he is one of the best and most committed defenders to ever wear that shirt.

The FA has now lost this player, Terry has retired from international football due to the fact the FA decided to take their own action against him, even after he was proven innocent, it is simply their loss now. I completely understand why Terry has done this, even being the huge England football supporter that I am, I am happy that he has pulled out of this setup and sent the biggest and most affective message to the FA, it will hit them where it hurts the most, on the football pitch.

Current manager Roy Hodgson was clearly upset by the whole situation commenting in support of Terry in recent interviews. Hodgson continued to pick Terry and not Rio Ferdinand and rightly so. John Terry gives a lot more as a player and is a much better option than Ferdinand. Although Terry is mature enough to work around playing in the same team as him, Rio would not. Terry once again showed he is the bigger man by offering his hand out to shake with Anton Ferdinand before the QPR match, which was pathetically rejected.

Only a couple of people really know what was said that day, I’m not saying nothing was said, but the fact remains he has been proven innocent in a court of law, people need to get that in to their heads. Whatever happened it has been fueled by jealousy and attention seeking. No Anton Ferdinand, you will still not get picked to play for England!

England have lost a lion, a leader, a legend and I’m pretty sure that all these people will be regretting driving him from the team when it comes to the next match and the defence is in pieces.

At least us as Chelsea supporters, know the truth, know what Terry is really like and best of all, we know he is a Chelsea man until his dying day, he is our player, our captain and our leader. John Terry, we salute you.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor


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