How would you feel if your team, supposedly one of the best in England, hadn’t won a trophy for five years?  By the next time they could win one, that’s how long it would have been.

Whatever people say about sacking Scolari, even those that liked him must acknowledge that we did it because we were unhappy with where we were in the league, and it’s embarrassing that Arsenal consistently fail and Wenger is still in a job.

Imagine you saw week in week out a side not good enough to challenge, and listen to everyone harp on about how they are ‘kids’.  Well, after THIRTEEN years in his job, isn’t it about time that some of these ‘kids’ made it through to being regulars in the first team.  There’s only so many times they can label kids without it being acknowledged that players he could have brought through five years ago still aren’t good enough, or more commonly, have been sold off.  When will a crop of his kids raised through their own academy (Not Barca’s) become first team regulars in a successful Arsenal team?

Anyway, the main trouble with Arsenal isn’t the club, but moreso the fans.  I’m still struggling to see what they are so smug and arrogant for.  They are not a great side to watch, they don’t score enough to be praised for their attacking prowess, four 0-0 draws in a row (three of which were at home) show what a boring side they can be.  I’d say their football is attractive to watch sometimes, but they are also woeful on many occasions, not just this season.

When we lost the CL semi final on penalties to Liverpool in 2007, how did the home Arsenal fans next to the divide react when we played them just days later?  By singing ‘Liv-er-pool, Liv-er-pool’ over and over and over again with great delight.  They seemed to have been missing two factors, not least that they had already been knocked out the competition, but moreso that in try to gloat that we also weren’t in the final, they were singing the name of another English side.  Take this season, regardless of whether we’d been knocked out to Juve or had qualified for the final, could any of you imagine us going to Fly Emirates on Sunday and chanting ‘United, United, United’?  It simply would never happen, I’d have been ashamed to be part of that section of the crowd.

I will be diplomatic here and defend them somewhat on the chanting, their songbook is one of the shortest in the Premiership, the only songs I heard at the F.A Cup Semi Final were them singing Arsenal over again, or ‘By far the greatest team’, both extremely generic football chants.  Whereas we have Carefree and One Man Went To Mow that are famous throughout British football, both of which are undisputedly associated with Chelsea.  It’s obviously not just us with trademark songs, I don’t even need to name at least one song associated with the following clubs, everyone knows it, Liverpool, Man United, West Ham, Everton, Man City, Stoke, West Brom.  We have an array of songs sung at home and away matches, more so then most visitors to Stamford Bridge ever have, even Fulham sang a wider variety of songs then Arsenal.

What about last Tuesday night, aside from nicking the flags idea, everyone left after 60 minutes, OK they were going out and it was a dreadful night, but if this team they have is as great and wonderful as the fans make out, they’d never have had their pants pulled down so humiliatingly on their home turf.  As for when they whistle when the opposition have the ball, it doesn’t sound intimidating at all it’s too quiet, not off-putting in the slightest, which is the whole point of it.

And who exactly can the fans relate to on the pitch, who has that they feel has that traditional English spirit and desire, don’t get me wrong, I’m not xenophobic, but surely any club in any country likes to have the spirit of their countrymen spirit within the team.  I like having British spirit within the team, players you know will fight and the fans can get behind, we obviously have JT and Lamps, United have Neville and Rooney, Liverpool have Carragher and Gerrard, looking further away theres Puyol and Xavi, Casillas and Raul, Buffon and Del Piero, Maldini and Pirlo, Arsenal have no one.  There is no bond between fans and players at that club, turning up to see 11 players who couldn’t care less where they play, Adebayor has come out numerous times trying to whore himself out to a big European club, Fabregas’ future lies back in Spain, where he would be now if the rules were the same as in England.

They have had four name changes and four different stadiums they’ve called home (five if you include Wembley), having bribed their way into the top flight of English football, moved geographically from South East London, they have no part of the identity they were founded under.  Five trophyless seasons, higher season ticket prices then us for an inconsistent side who have scored at home the least out of the top six, it’s embarrassing.  Although none of that has a patch on the aforementioned Liverpool name chanting.

Easily the worst, and most deluded set of fans in London, but at least their red flag they rolled out at Wembley trumped us.

Chelsea Football Club – Pride of London

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