What time of year is this? And for a bonus point, what should every self-respecting website have at this time of the year? You guessed it, it’s Christmas Quiz Time at CFCnet. For the simple reason that there’s not enough football on TV to keep you busy in between eating too much turkey and eating too much cold turkey, you’ll find below a selection of questions to help you work up a mental sweat and burn off some of those calories.

Some of the questions have precise factual answers, some are more open to interpretation, but nevertheless, all the answers are final. Good Luck!

1. There’s many famous faces scored on their debuts for Chelsea; Tore Andre Flo’s goal heralded a glorious career, Shevchenko’s strike against Liverpool is still his finest moment, but who is the most recent player to score on their debut for the club?

2. It’s a famous landmark and plays host to some of the most glorious battles of the modern era, but in which century was the original Battle of Stamford Bridge?

3. In spite of what Father Christmas would have us believe, we all know that Blue is the colour. yet we’re not alone in realising this. How many Premiership teams can claim blue as the main colour in their home kit, and can you name them all?

4. When Chelsea next build a statue to commemorate a player outside the Bridge, which they will, who should they choose?

5. Thirteen nationalities play for the first squad this season. Can you name them?

6. They say that Father Christmas’s brazen declaration of his love of Coca Cola was the first example of shirt sponsorship. Perhaps so, but Chelsea were keen to follow suit and in 1989 the famous ‘Commodore’ was first emblazoned across the royal blue. Since then we’ve had four sponsors, can you name them? (Pre 1989 – Chelsea had four lesser known sponsors, can you name any of those for bonus points?)

7. Father ‘Santa Claus’ Christmas has some special middle names, but can you list the Special One’s?

8. Slippery when wet pop-star Jon Bon Jovi is probably least known for singing about visiting Chelsea, but at what time of day?

9. What’s the relevance of this goal scoring sequence? Zola, Wise, Burley, Zola, Hughes, Vialli(2), DiMatteo, Hughes, Leboeuf(pen), Hughes, Wise(2), Zola, Hughes(2), Zola, Di Matteo, Newton.

10. Who is Chelsea’s greatest ever player?

Answers will be revealed later in the day, and will doubtless have you kicking yourself that you didn’t get ten out of ten. Of course, should you feel you can come up with your own set of questions to baffle the minds of fellow cfc readers, feel free to list them in the forum and a new Christmas tradition will be born.

Meanwhile I’m off to continue my own local tradition of putting Father Christmas hats on the statues around where I live, after all the nights are cold, and they say a statue loses 80% of its warmth through its head.

And God bless us, everyone.

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