Hello readers, if you follow my Twitter account you will all be well aware that I am currently out of the country on a trip around South America, for about four months. I am currently based in Brazil’s beautiful capital city, Rio De Janeiro.

You will also be aware of the fact that normally I am bringing you our latest transfer news surrounding our beloved Blues, although this will be slowing up a little bit, I still aim to use my contacts back home and various other research to bring you updates (next update will be tomorrow, follow my Twitter here not to miss out >> @CFCneteditor )

With some of the world’s best footballers being produced upon these shores, it would not seem right that I came to Brazil without watching a match, luckily here in Rio there are teams and games galore! I have scheduled a few games in February with the likes of Flamengo and Botafogo being on the cards. Here I will be scouting any next potential Chelsea Brazilian players to add to the already impressive array of Samba stars at the Bridge including David Luiz, Oscar and Ramires.

They have a craze over here, a game that is inspired from Football and a game that they put just as much passion and heart into as they do to their Nation’s favorite sport. That game is called Volley Ball Football. It is exactly what it says on the tin, Volley Ball, but without the use of your hands. It takes incredible skill and delicate control and is very impressive to watch. The locals in the Copacabana area of Brazil take this game very seriously, whilst watching them play on the beach you cannot help but watch in aure the incredible ball control used by these players. It’s no wonder their country are so good at football.

It is also interesting to note that the die hard Brazilian football supporters (pretty much every single male and many females in the country!) tend to blame recent losses of form in general on the likes of big name stars from Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Robinho and now Neymar. Interestingly it is not their performances that are getting the blame, it is the fact that they have more desire for big wages, fame and celebrity status than they do for the winning matches. The locals truly believe that this has contributed to their nation’s recent slip ups and loss of world domination. To be honest, I can see their point.

Another team who earn their trade in the Rio area of Brazil are Fluminense. I am sure you will all be fully aware that this particular side already contains a registered Chelsea player, 18-year-old attacking full back Wallace Dos Santos. I will be bringing you a tactical analysis of Wallace once I have witnessed our new young starlet in live action in the coming months.

My own personal plans after Brazil, I’ll be heading across Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia mainly traveling, writing, researching, scouting and watching as many games as possible.

In terms of watching Chelsea games here, thankfully it’s been fairly straight forward so far and yes I did manage to watch our hearty victory over Arsenal, a very pleasing result. Now for Wednesday evening and turning over Swansea, we can do this! COYB!

May I thank you once again for your continued readership and support, KTBFFH!

Simon Phillips – News Editor

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