Having grown used to poaching the best players from other teams, the courting of John Terry by Manchester City is a throwback to the bad old days. Not since Ray Wilkins went to the other mob in Manchester have Chelsea sold such a high-profile player. Only time will tell whether JT would prefer to almost double his salary or have another crack at the Champions League next season. Catching the flight for the US tour was a good sign but a public statement telling City where to shove it would be even better.

We still await our “marquee signing”, which sounds disturbingly like buying a big tent from Argos. Franck Ribéry appears to be the man in the frame, which would at least make the rest of us at the Bridge look a bit more handsome in comparison. Hopefully Ancelotti will pull a rabbit from the hat – preferably a speedy one who likes to run at defenders and score goals.

Sadly the player already on the books who fits that bill has suffered another injury setback. By tearing the “meniscus” in his knee Joe Cole has at least taught us an anatomical name of which few of us can claim prior knowledge. He was sorely missed last season as the team lacked a creative spark. Someone please wrap him up in cotton wool until he is fit and raring to go again.

Here’s a sentence you won’t have read very often: “UEFA have finally shown some common sense.” Didier Drogba and Jose Boswinga have both had their Champions League suspensions reduced by one match after personal hearings. Maybe if Sky apologised for re-running Drog’s potty-mouthed outburst after a commercial break we could get the ban reduced even further. There’s only so much common sense to go round though.

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