Tuesday 10 July
The judge in John Terry’s case has made a fundamental mistake. Asked by the defence to kick out the claim on the basis that lip reading experts could not disprove JT’s version of events and with no other evidence or witness the chief magistrate Howard Riddle decided their was a case to answer.
It seems in Mr Riddle’s court John Terry will have to prove himself innocent.
Meanwhile back at the training pitch there was a practice match but the club were all secret squirrel about it because it involved tactical innovations; a good way to whet the appetite ahead of the new campaign.

Wednesday 11 July
Thomas Kalas and Patrick Van Aanholt have both returned to Vitesse Arnhem for the coming season. Kalas was central to Vitesse’s successful season last year but Patrick saw his star fade somewhat with Ryan Bertrand picking up regular games and a Champions League medal in his absence and he flitted in and out of the Vitesse side.
Kalas is a Czech U21 international and signed a contract extension before he left.

Thursday 12 July
Summing up in the race trial of the century and Mr Duncan Penny has lost his marbles. Penny is prosecuting and is trying very hard to make a case out of a few seconds of Sky TV coverage.
Floundering in court he tried to argue that if John Terry was using rhetorical repetition he wouldn’t have inserted an ‘and’ in his rant. But Mr Penny is a silk, not centre-half so usually has more time to phrase his insults.
He added that it was unlikely that Mr Ferdinand would make up an allegation of racism. But he forgets that Anton Ferdinand did not bring this complaint. Anton Ferdinand was unaware of any alleged racism until he saw the footage on YouTube. Nobody on the pitch or in the stadium heard the alleged abuse. In fact, the police would have remained inactive had not an off-duty plod made a complaint based on the Sky footage. As the police and CPS then took months to investigate the claim you’d have expected them to turn up in court with more than the original coverage for which Mr Terry has a solid and consistent explanation. No other angle from Sky, no witness statements, no Zapruder film, nothing in fact but Mr Penny’s word for it that John Terry snapped.
Expect a guilty verdict tomorrow.
Andy Myers has been named as U21 coach for the coming season. Working under Dermot Drummy in what were the reserves last season, Andy steps up from U15 coach.

Friday 13 July
John Terry has been cleared of using racist language. The judge said, in effect, that there had been no case presented. Which makes Alison Saunders, chief crown prosecutor for London, assertion that: “it was our view that this was not ‘banter’ on the football pitch and that the allegation should be judged by a court”, absurd. How had she and her colleagues come to such a different conclusion from the magistrate; are they unaware of the notion of a burden of proof?
This is a sorry episode that will have a lasting impact on the lives of John Terry and Anton Ferdinand but none on the lives of magistrate or the prosecutors.
The FA seem to want to drag this on by re-opening its disciplinary investigation but it would be a brave committee, in these litigious times, that sought to punish a man who has been found innocent.
The plus out of this mess is that nobody gets called a black so-and-so for a while and everybody is a bit more aware of the language they choose and how that is viewed by others.
Rohan Ince has joined Yeovil Town for six-months as the club look for progress for the 19-year-old. Yeovil has been a popular destination in recent seasons for loanees and we expect Rohan to shine with Gary Johnson’s Glovers.
Old boy Fabio Borini has joined our old reserve manager Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool from Roma for a fee rising to £11m. Fabio was quite clear when we signed Torres that we’d wasted our money because we already had him. Now we’ll have a chance to find out.
Andre Villas-Boas sounded relaxed in his first press conference at Spurs. Relaxed until he was asked about his sacking from Chelsea at which point he started talking about betrayal. He’ll have his chance to match his project against ours late in October.
Finally, for this Friday the 13th Glasgow Rangers will play at the bottom of the system after they were elected to division three of the Scottish football league.

Saturday 14 July
Northwood Town 0:0 Chelsea U21
Both youth and reserve sides got off the blocks this weekend. Or to be more precise the U21 and U18 squads played their first pre-season matches. We will be referring to them as such from now on.
The 0-0 with Northwood featured 21 Chelsea players at some stage. The Musonda brothers looked to fit in and Adam Coombes was a new name to many but it seems it was just Adam Phillip using his mother’s maiden name from now on. Other notable new faces include the Angban brothers Vincent, a goalkeeper, and his younger brother Victorien Angban who is a defensive midfielder.
Lots of stretching of limbs, running out the rust and a good number of chances for the U21 squad who will all now pile off to Austria for a training camp and a game against 1860 Munich next Sunday.

Chelsea U18 12:1 Torquay United U18
In the morning the old youth team declared at twelve for one at lunch off 90-minutes, sorry the summer make dreamers of us all. The list of scorers and new faces is too long for a diary piece but things looked to be going well, with interesting players coming through and the system humming along nicely.

Not going on the tour of Austria with their peers are Patrick Bamford, Lucas Piazon, George Saville, Nathaniel Chalobah, Todd Kane and Jamal Blackman. They are all on a flight to the USA with the rest of the first team for the tour. Congratulations to all of them.

Sunday 15 July
Many voices have been raised in the last forty-eight hours demanding that the FA must act against John Terry the chorus has grown so large you could be forgiven for assuming that John Terry had been found guilty on Friday.

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