I have up until now, reserved my main opinions on the subject and situations surrounding Jose Mourinho and the current dismal climate we are under. But as the News Editor of one of the most established supporters website for Chelsea FC – I have decided to pen my thoughts on this situation. Of course you may or may not agree, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

First and foremost, I will say that as a Manager, a tactician, a motivator and a driving force behind a team – you cannot find anyone better than Jose Mourinho. He is the best Manager around and visibly loves this football club. For me, none of that has ever been in doubt.

My issue right now, centres around the controversy, drama, spitefulness and the feeling of the whole world being against you. Those are all the traits shown by Mourinho at current and are also the traits that I feel would have seen him sacked if it was not for the backing and support of the main section of regular supporters.

Roman Abramovich has so far been afraid of a fans backlash, otherwise he would have been ousted by now. There is a clear friction between the board and the Manager. Mourinho was not allowed to sign the players he wanted in January and there has been underlying issues since then. Mourinho has made certain decisions as if to spite the board and make them regret not allowing him to sign players on his shortlist.

There is no doubts about the achievements that our Manager has had at our club and others around the world. We owe so much to this Portuguese leader and has bought us so much joy. I love the man to bits for what he has bought to this club.

However, I feel that this season he has turned the club into a soap opera, played right in to the hands of the media and bought a real circus to the club that has had nothing but a negative affect.

We have seen him complain and moan about referee’s in a similar style to how we hate Arsene Wenger doing in the past. He has moaned about decisions when in that that same game we also had been given dubious decisions or given away clear penalties that have not been given. Ok, yes there have been many times where we have been hard done by, but this is football. We have had bad luck this season but feeling sorry for ourselves, moaning about it to the media, getting in trouble with the FA – all of this will only bring negativity and decrease morale throughout the squad and backroom staff.

This season we have seen the Special One lose his composure, become flustered, be a real moaning wreck at times and this has spilled out in to the players and our performances. The media pressure and public pressure to succeed as the manager of Chelsea – has finally made him crack. At times he has been completely unreasonable and it’s been embarrassing as a fan.

Add to that the personal issues he is currently having with certain family members being ill, this has all built up and made this ticking time bomb explode.

Getting involved with other teams staff and generally losing his head in public is all the cause of our bad form and that is without even mentioning the incidents involving the Physio team and Eden Hazard. All of this publicity has been negative and not needed.

It has had a knock on affect to the players and I genuinely see a 50/50 split down the middle right now with some players willing to play for him and put the effort in, whereas others have finally had enough of his antics. You can see this visibly in some players such as Eden Hazard, John Terry, Nemanja Matic, Cesc Fabregas and Pedro just to name a few.

Yes some players have come out and backed him publicly, but why haven’t they all done this? You can see the pressure he is under, surely if they had confidence in the Manager and were happy with him, they would also come and say so. All talks of a player mutiny at Stamford Bridge has been dismissed by Mourinho, but I am seeing otherwise I am afraid.

His drama and his controversy has affected many, not all, but many of the players.

Add to that his habit of publically criticising his players. Yes, he is the Manager and of course he should tell his players when they are not doing what he wants them to do or have areas to improve on. But I am all for positive criticism, what on earth is positive about twice publicly criticising to the media a 19-year old player who has not even burst on to the senior scene yet? How will that have any other affect than negativity of such a young player?

And continuing to publicly talk down about Eden Hazard, the star player from last season. That’s only going to decrease his morale and make him unhappy. Yes criticise, but do it on the training ground where it can be affective, not publicly.

Finally, his lack of trust in young players is growing more and more frustrating. I touched on Ruben Loftus-Cheek just now but this boy has so much ability and will be a world class midfielder and an England regular. But trust must be shown and chances must be given. Look at Dele Alli at Tottenham for example, now an England player because his Manager shown the faith to give him a regular run out.

When we play week after week with under performing players, why not give Loftus-Cheek, Bertrand Traore, Baba Rahman and Kenedy a shot in the team? What do you have to lose? These players coming in with a point to prove, fresh energy, young legs is bound to be affective when all else is failing. I am sick of seeing huge young talents fade away or move on to be a success elsewhere.

For the first time this season, I can’t see any other alternative than the Manager going. Unless he can change his attitude and take a step back from the public circus displays and stop allowing the media to wind him up. But this is Mourinho, he will never change his ways. So I am afraid there is no other alternative right now as controversial those comments might be.

And yes I am a ‘true blue’, supported them for 25 years and I do attend matches.

I just feel that the drama and controversy is just too much. It’s like being a fish, the media are lurking with their fishing rods attempting to make a catch and Mourinho is the biggest fish in the sea and also biting the hardest – therefore he is losing the support of the smaller fish who used to worship him.

I’ll leave you with this – the Club allowed him to leave before and he wanted to go, so there must have been issues before about various things. These things are bound to resurface and are now.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor – CFCnet

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