One of the worst situations about being a famous person in today’s world is that you don’t really get to enjoy a private life. Even more when you are Manager of one of the most popular clubs in England and the current league leaders, fully expect to get no peace whatsoever.

Part of the reasoning behind Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho’s departure from Spain and a return to Chelsea was his privacy was being somewhat breached to a degree that made him unhappy and uncomfortable there.

It is refreshing to then see the latest comments by defender Alvaro Arbeloa, who used to be a key member for Mourinho’s Real Madrid side. Arbeloa revealed that he is still very close to Mourinho and always has been, being in contact with the Portuguese man regularly and even confirmed he spoke to him via the phone last Friday.

He said “I spoke to him last Friday, he’s happy and content in London because his family are happy and there isn’t the persecution he and his kid got here. Professionally he has a great team and is doing well.”

It’s not all about the football and what you are doing on the pitch. If you are unhappy, unsettled, uncomfortable or worse still, your family are suffering, then there is no way you will continue doing what you are doing, where you are doing it. Which makes happy reading for Chelsea supporters who can be content in knowing that their leader will be continuing to do what he does best and win trophies at Stamford Bridge.

Arbeloa has previously stated that he would love to reunite with Mourinho one day on a professional level, having been so important to his side at Madrid.

Simon Phillips – News Editor – @cfcneteditor

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