When Kevin De Bruyne signed for Chelsea, I was probably one of the most excited supporters around, after all, I had been watching and admiring this young Belgian entertainer since he was just 17 and I also had some friends who watched a lot of Belgian football. There was no doubt, this kid had it all, there was every chance that he would become the next big thing.

So you can imagine my disbelief when Chelsea decided to release him to Werder Bremen on a season long loan during the summer. To begin with I didn’t understand this move, but once I’d thought about it, it was an excellent move, and it is certainly proving to be that way for all concerned.

De Bruyne has started well this season in the Bundesliga and is getting plenty of game time, which is great. He has shown some sparks of class, a lot of confidence, has created goals and has even managed to get on the scoresheet 3 times in just 7 appearances. I always knew he had a good finish and the confidence to execute it.

Bremen have also used De Bruyne as a lone striker, to which he did a decent job. Now I’m not going to be daft and turn around to claim that he could be the answer to our striker shortage and that we should call him back in January, because that would be foolish. But there is no reason that we cannot do what Arsenal did with Robin Van Persie, and turn De Bruyne into a top centre forward from a winger, after all, he’s going to have to perform pretty perfectly to get ahead of Oscar, Hazard and Mata on their current world class form.

He has the finesse, the pace, the work rate, the intelligence and now the strength, to be able to play as a striker, it is something that I really do see possible and may well happen in the future. But for now, I am happy to see that he is performing well in the German league, getting plenty of game time and scoring goals.

De Bruyne has evident confidence too, stating in a recent interview that he is ready to try and break through at Chelsea, and to be a success like fellow Belgian Eden Hazard.

With Romelu Lukaku also performing well during his loan spell with West Brom, we can safely say that the young Belgium army that’s ascended on Stamford Bridge, is very much up and fighting strong.

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