As Chelsea continue to pick up their recent form, the transfer rumours begin circulating at an increasing speed as January approaches. Love or hate the rumours, you can’t help but follow them, get excited by them, or dread them, after all, this is all part of football and being a fan.

Lets face it, nobody really knows who we will sign, not even Roman. We have heard all of our potential targets and shortlisted players but anything can happen right until the last minute.

Many people have asked me of late, do I have any sources or know how within the club? The answer to that is, in truth, I wouldn’t say I have ‘sources’. I do however, know of a couple of people who work within the club and as with any work place, they hear things, they tell me. I’m not claiming it will definitely happen, I’m not saying it won’t happen, I just like to enjoy sharing rumours from them, the press, and other sources to the supporters who enjoy reading it, simple as that. I gather a collection of rumours, press releases, independent writers information and other sources and I collaborate them into my own opinions and report it.

So here is the latest I am aware of….

Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole are leaving in the summer, we all know that now as it has been confirmed by Rafa Benitez. Personally I was gutted to hear this as I fully believed that Lampard would stay. I had a feeling Cole would leave this summer, but my gut feeling told me Lampard would remain with us to see out his career. I do understand that he wishes to try one last challenge before his career ends, I don’t blame him, the world is a big place, traveling broadens the mind. Besides, I can see him returning to The Bridge some day in some kind of role. We must remember no player will stay at the club forever, they do get old, as sad as it is and trust me I’ll be the first to shed a tear the day he leaves, but we must be positive and say there is life after Frank.

Meanwhile, I have heard that Daniel Sturridge is deep in negotiations with Liverpool, again, take this how you will. If you follow my Twitter account you would have seen that I do not feel that this deal will happen, and I still don’t. But there is certainly foundations for this particular rumour and it cannot be ignored.

So, we will need replacements, now before you troll me for claiming that these players can ever replace the great Lampard or Cole, I am not saying that at all, these players can’t be replaced, simple as that. But, we will need personnel in to cover the loses.

I am hearing great fresh reviews about our on loan left back Patrick Van Aanholt, which at this stage is music to my ears. We obviously have Ryan Bertrand who is a solid choice and will still improve a lot, but with Cole leaving, we will not loan out Van Aanholt again this summer and he will become part of the squad. His attitude has improved immensely as well as his performances, he is beginning to look like a top class full back now.

Next up, we need the type of all round midfielder who likes to attack, arrive perfectly in the box to score important and a high number of goals each season, if we are to even get close to replacing super Frank. In my opinion, there is only one midfielder who would be worth looking at right now. Everton’s Marouane Fellaini. He has been linked with Chelsea for two years now and make no mistake he is being heavily scouted by our team right now. The Belgium international has already admitted he wants to leave Everton in January and I think he can be the perfect player to come in and fill the void left by Lampard. He gets goals, is good in the air, brilliant defending and attacking and just has the presence and personality to give us that drive and desire in midfield. Expect an offer to be made from us in January for around the £25 million mark.

Finally, if Sturridge leaves, we really are just left with Torres up front. Chelsea have been linked with so many strikers already, but for me the one guy who they really want and the one guy I really do feel we will see arriving at Stamford bridge in January will be Radamel Falcao, who is definitely leaving Atletico Madrid. Recent reports state that Roman is prepared to spend out £10 million a year on the Colombian’s wages, which is astounding money. But is Roman really that desperate to land this proven prolific goal scorer? Only time will tell, personally I think he’ll join, but perhaps his figures have been some what exaggerated by the media excitement surrounding this deal.

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Simon Phillips – News Editor

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