It was the late, late show at the Bridge again yesterday … and unlike the Stoke fixture, this time I hung around long enough to witness it. Frank Lampard headed home the winner dead on 90 mins according to the stadium clock.

John Terry opened the scoring with a scissor kick volley in front of the Shed End before Wigan’s Kapo popped up with an equaliser late in the game. Kapo actually performed a miracle when he scored in that he actually woke up the 87 Wigan fans that made the exhausting journey to the “big smoke”.

Talking of poor support, in my opinion Villa fans are the worst support from any Premier League club. This takes into consideration of how many attend home games compared to how many of them travel away. What other team gets 42,000 at home and barely take 1000 away? Last week reinforced this with the poor atmosphere in what could have been a game that could have led to a Champions League place. They might be a big club but at some time that club and it’s fans have to wake up

Coming home yesterday we played our on going game which is called “guess how few calls Stan Collymore will get on Talksport”. Last week was his fewest ever with just one call in the first 40 minutes of air time. This week his blushes were spared with Liverpool being beat at the Riverside. Never-the-less as soon as the rugby had finished we retuned to listen to Alan Green.

When his beloved Liverpool lose it’s a joy to hear him try and bring a positive out of a club that’s currently suffering more public turmoil than any other in football “his-tor-ree”. Not that the tabloids dedicate enough column inches to it. Green always has plenty to say and it was a joy when he put to air a Chelsea supporter who dared to mention that although, contrary to media belief, our very own Frank Lampard has had a better season than Green’s beloved Stevie G. Green went on to make the usual excuses about the players around him and the injuries and the fact that he has a lot on his shoulders … blah blah blah. The Chelsea supporting caller took all this on board and ended the call by asking Green if he could ask him one more question. Green said “Yes” The caller simply said “Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?” Green in reply said nothing, he was completely stumped. Then of course his tone changed somewhat. He wasn’t happy.

As ever there’s a match day forum for you to discuss yesterday’s match. Just click on this link Chelsea 2 Wigan 1

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